AEM Tips, Terms, and FAQs for ECC

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    My goal in this thread is to provide AEM players with a better understanding of how things work on ECC. Feel free to post questions and comments.

    Tips for Success on ECC:
    -Ecocitycraft is a place to make friends through the creation of 200x200 towns which come with ranks. It's important to consider some things when making your town. Placing a 200x200 over water may seem like a good idea but placing grass can be a chore. Also, placing a town in a forest means you'll probably spend hours clearing hills and trees. Once you choose your town it's permanent so choose wisely.
    -Towns can be accessed via town warps with a $50,000 application on forums as original owner.
    -The quickest way to earn money as a new player is cocoa farming or mining if you don't have good tools. Diamonds are cheap and you can often find players who will give you free enchanted gear.
    -Your goal as far as money making goes is to get star tools (EFF7 pickaxe, EFF5 melon sword, star fishing rod, shovel if you want... , and axe... I guess haha)
    -These tools range from 750k-1.2mil which is daunting but doable.
    -Rich players are here to help. They want to give free tools, plots, donation services (such as enchanted repair, water, tp)
    -Remember these players are people too and may be busy with their own projects so if no one answers... please don't spam.
    -It may be beneficial to buy perms (permission granted in towns) for towns dedicated to farming.
    -There are multiple chats accessed by "/ch <channel name>"
    These include global where everyone talks to each other, trade where you post advertisements, VIP for donators only, auction for hosting auctions, and local for talking within a certain block radius.
    -Keep trade posts to two unique posts per 5 minutes.

    Terminology on ECC:
    ECC/ECO = Ecocitycraft
    WC = Wrong Chat
    WP = Wrong Person
    Erep = Enchanted Repair
    ECD = Ecodollars (the currency of Eco) with an exchange rate of around $8,000-$11,000/USD
    PM = The messaging system also accessed with /msg
    Mail = Mail plug in to send messages to offline players.
    Builder, Resident(Res), Mayor, President(Pres), Tycoon, EcoLeader, EcoMaster, and EcoLegend are the ranks that people identify as showing prestige.

    Still in class going to finish soon ;)