The COMPLETE Resident-to-President Guide

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You made it! You've finally got that fancy, light-green name that means you're no longer a Builder! Well done, Resident! But now what? Well, you rank up even more of course! This guide is not a Magic all of a sudden president guide. It is, however, the fastest way to get president without extreme lottery luck :D


Buy a 16x16 (or larger i.e. 20x20 but only use 16x16 of it) or 32x32 plot. On this plot, build a farm built in the following fashion: First, how much dirt you will need to cover only the first level. Second, hire a water placer BEFORE you hoe the dirt as the farmland created will despawn after some time. Third, add proper lighting via torches or glowstone blocks to ensure that seeds will not despawn and anger you. Fourth, plant crops and harvest when ready! (Note: It is recommended that you obtain a tool with the Fortune enchantment on it as it does increase drops from crops to make extra money!) Fifth, after you have begun to make a steady profit begin to add more levels to your farm by expanding it upward. Unfortunately I remember that resident-mayor was the hardest part of ECC, not only because of the 85k you need but because as a Resident you are not completely trustworthy in the eyes of others. If you can, buy perms to a bigger farm of any crop you would like! Also remember that tool enchantments can be very useful in boosting profits and can help get you Mayor faster!


Wow! You got 85,000 EcoDollars now? Congrats! After correctly applying for Mayor and receiving your town there are endless possibilities of what you can do with it! I would recommend that you sell plots in your new town. This is probably the easiest and fastest way to get money (other than farming). First, completely flatten your town and begin to outline some plots. The general size plots that I see are 10x10, 15x15, and 20x20, but of course you can make them any size you please! Generally plots go for around $10/block, meaning that a 10x10 plot would be 1,000 EcoDollars (10 blocks long x 10 blocks wide x $10 per block = $1,000 EcoDollars). Make sure to adequetly decorate your town so you can impress some builders and hopefully they will buy a plot. Things to have in your town: Town farm that is relatively big (i.e. 50x20x2 or something like that) Decorations throughout town Town rules Portal (When you have 75k) And a lively and active Mayor! If you continue to sell plots and earn income from farming you should have enough money for President in no time!


Well congrats! You now have that wonderful shade of orange! Nothing to do now but sit back, relax, and snipe those lottos!