The Beginners guide to the ECC Survival Games

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The Beginner's Guide to the ECC Survival Games

Well as the title suggests I will be explaining what the Survival Games are and some tips and tricks to help you guys win all the money and get on top of the leader board!


ECC first introduced the Survival Games in January 2013 as a whole new way to earn money. The games themselves are made up of a maximum of 24 people in a lobby, but there can be less depending on how many people vote to start the game early. For every person that is in the arena when it starts, the winner will receive $150 as a winning prize. Initially, money could only be made by winning the games. As of now, there are two additional ways to earn money in the Survival Games. One is to kill someone, where you get $100 each; and the other is a bonus of $100 per kill if you win the game.

Winning the Survival Games

Many people have been frustrated and ever confused by the many different outcomes of the survival games. The truth is, no one is guaranteed to win; however, you can easily stack the odds in your favor.

Spawn Chests

The easiest, fastest, and cheapest way to do this is being able to get some loot from the chests at spawn. These chests are always stocked at the beginning but obviously everyone is going for just a few chests. Lets just look over the math for a quick minute: With an average of 18 people in a lobby and just about 6 chests at the spawn that you leaves a 1/3 chance of being of able to get a full chest. But, who ever said you need a everything from a chest? No one. The truth is that as long as you can get some type of armor or a weapon you will be better off than someone with nothing. As you begin to memorize all the arenas you may be able to remember the exact location of chests. I highly suggest running straight from spawn to any chest that you have memorized the location of so you may be able to snag everything in that chest instead of just an item or two.


Once you have hopefully gotten something from a chest and the Grace period has expired, it is full PVP to the death. The biggest tip I can give you is not to be scared as you can easily make mistakes like that. Run around, jump off cliffs basically run around the whole map because you are almost guaranteed to find someone and better yet, find more chests! If you do find someone, try your best to sneak up on them or run from behind in order to surprise them and catch them off guard. But in all reality, the only way to get better at the games is from experience and I cannot teach you experience, that is left up to you. If you are lucky or good enough to make it down to the final three survivors you will automatically be TP'ed back to spawn where you will fight the End Games.

End Games

As mentioned above, the End Games are started once there are 3 players left. You will TP'ed back to spawn to fight it out to the death for the win! As a heads up, you are TP'ed back to spawn and virtually stuck in a face-down position for about 10 seconds before DeathMatch starts. I would suggest taking this time to eat and Golden Apples or Cooked meats you have to build up your health and food so you are as strong as possible for the last PvP match! Once one of the three dies, the last two will again be TP'ed back to spawn with the face-down position and the 10 second delay to finally duel it out for the win! Many people have different strategies as how to win and survive, here are some of the common ones:

  • Run away and let the other duel it out. (This is bad if all three run away for the game may never end)
  • Fight! (This one is my favorite because I believe it builds character)

Those are really the only two I have heard of but I am sure there are many other strategies out there. As I have said before, find your comfort zone, take a deep breath, and you find yourself the Champion of the Survival Games!

So you won?

First off, Congrats! Bask in the glory of having the whole server knowing you won and go spend that money on a gift for your glory! If you really want to see how you stack up against other competition, go here to see the full ECC Survival Games leaderboards! If you're curious how to earn more points and move up the leader boards, (who isn't!) here is a break down of the points:

  • 10 points per kill
  • 25 points per win
  • 5 points for everyone who dies before you

Extra points from Killstreaks!:

  • DoubleKill = 10 additional points
  • MultiKill (3 kills) = 20 additional points
  • UltraKill (4 kills) = 40 additional points
  • UnbelieveableKill = 80 additional points
  • Legendary = 160 additional points!

For some fun, a LegendaryKill grants you 370 points!! 60 points from the 6 six kills plus 10, 20, 40, 80 and 160 from all the individual streaks!

The best news is that you can show off these points on the forums! Once you have 75,000, 150,000, 300,000, 600,000, and an immense 1,200,000 SG points, you can apply for the Iron, Gold, Diamond, Bronze, and Silver SG Medals, respectively, on the forums!

I hope these help you become successful and happy in your Survival Games history and may the odds be ever in your favor.