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This page was created to help users better understand the functions of a server spawnshop. The information on this page is from Dccciz and Original_Jackson, as well as other pages located on this wiki. Any questions, comments or concerns? Post Here! ECC Wiki Discussion


  • Spawnshops, also known as "Spawn Trade-Shops", "Shops" or "Stations" are small plots of land that enable a player to trade items with another player, even if the station owner is not online.
  • The shops are located in the region named "market", which contains nearly 100 shops to buy and sell goods from.
  • You can get a spawnshop by applying in the Resident+ Applications Forum.
  • You may apply for a shop whenever you feel like it. Sometimes, however, all shops are taken and you will have to wait or buy a shop from another user.
  • You can tell if a spawnshop is owned or not by using the thread in the Private Resident+ Forum.
  • There are two tiers of spawnshops, one tier is close to the market portal, and the other is farther away. The sizes also vary between the two tiers.

Tips and Tricks!

The following tutorial will help you to become an expert at spawnshops!

The Market

  • The market is a 1000x1000 (approx. 750x750 for the actual shops) region, located in the rising world.
  • In total, there are 96 shops in the market.
  • The layout of the shops is somewhat random.
  • In the market, there are 4 different roads which come out of the spawn. They are red, yellow, blue, and green.
  • To get to the market, you can use /warp market or /warp station[number] (for users with the feature "teleport") as well as using the portal located at spawn. Another option is to use /warp [color]market1 or /warp [color]market2.

How to Obtain a Spawnshop

  • Keep in mind that a spawnshop costs $5,000 ECD per week. This amount is charged all at once, immediately after the application is processed.
  • The minimum amount of weeks that you can order for your spawnshop is 4, and the maximum is 10, making the cost for an application anywhere between $20,000 ECD and $50,000 ECD.
  • In order to be a proud owner of a spawnshop, you must have already obtained the rank of resident.
  • You can make sure that no one owns the shop you are interested in by using this thread. Also, you can do '/rg i station#', to see if there is anyone added as an owner to the station region.
  • Another option, instead of finding an un-owned spawnshop, is to buy it from another user. By buying a shop from another user, you can possibly obtain ownership of a shop that may not have otherwise been available.
  • If you are buying a shop from another user, you would have to pay the existing owner the amount of money that corresponds with the amount of time that you wish to order, and have them file an application that transfers the station to your username.
  • Spawnshops expire at exactly 12:01am, on the date located here. If a user forgets to renew their shop, you can always be the first one to post at 12:01am, and you will get their shop! (The time on your computer my differ from the forum time.) This is the case except for shops in rows 1-3. Those shops are auctioned off by the server to the highest bidder.

When to Apply for a Spawnshop

  • You can apply for a shop at anytime you wish, as long as the shop is not owned by anyone in this thread, and no one has submitted an un-processed application that is for the same shop number.
  • If you wish to "snipe" a shop, which means to submit an application just as the shop expires, you should do so at 12:01am, on the day that the shop expires.
  • For example, after looking at the expiry thread, you can see that usernameofdeath's shop expires on Sept. 8th, 2014. You apply Monday at 12:01am, in order to get that shop. (You wouldn't get his shop, because station66 is a prime location.)
  • As stated earlier, you can also buy from another user for a chance to get a shop that doesn't open up to claim.

The Differences Between Spawnshops

  • In the market, there are two different types of shops. The top-tier, and lower tier.
  • The top tier shops cost upwards of 1 million ECD, and must be purchased from another user, or won from the server.
  • The lower tier shops, (rows 4 and up) are relatively cheap when compared to the other shops.
  • The top tier spaces also give the owner a bit more space to add a second floor, and more signs.

Making Money

  • Advertisement is key to a shop, arguably the most important part. Advertising with a neat message can draw some big attention to your shop, especially to people who are looking for a good deal.
  • The advertising can turn a 1k/day shop into a 10k/day shop. An ad with a spam of symbols or one that breaks trade rules makes you and your shop look unappealing.
  • Competitive prices are an essential part of a good shop. The top tier shops can usually get away with having less competitive prices simply because of convenience.
  • However, the lower tier shops can compete with the earning of these top tier ones due to competitive prices.
  • This means setting your buy/sell signs slightly different to the those of the top tier shops. This gives customers most incentive to shop with you even if it means a further walk/fly.
  • If your shop is neat, professional, and good prices, you will establish customers who know your shop number and will constantly bring profits back to you.

Spawnshop Tips

  • Spawn shops have many small things that you can do with them to help increase their use.
  • Know what to go all in with. Nether stars usually only sell when someone is buying a star tool. For this reason, make sure to keep them all in your sign so when someone buys you out, you can make as much profit as possible.
  • Know what to reserve. Experience is a constantly changing market and there's really no scenario where someone will need a ton of experience. For this reason, if you have a large amount of experience, keep some in your reserves because the prices may drop and rise without warning.
  • Know your increments. Most people will only be needing to buy one anvil at a time, however, people usually buy wood in increments of 64. Know the usage of items and base your sell increments on that. No one wants to hold right click for an hour just to by one of each item!
  • Keep building items in bulk. You will sometimes have someone who is making a large build, and for this reason, a buyer should never have to run out of items to buy. Keep a large stock, plus some extra in bulk.
  • Always transfer profits to buy signs. From experience, the best way to run a shop is to put all the money you make from selling an item into a buy sign for that same item. When you are done using the shop you will get all the money.
  • Remember that a spawn shop is passive. Your money will be made shortly and spread out. They are worth it if you're willing to work with it.

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Page written by ECC Wiki Team Member Dccciz! Credit to Original_Jackson for providing tips and money making advice! Thank you!