Guide to Anvil Combinations

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Anvil Combinations

Throughout my months on ECC I have noticed that many people wonder about the fascination of the Anvil Combinations. An Anvil Combination is a way to combine enchantments together using an anvil. Only people who have acquired the Extended Commands Plus feature will be able to complete these.
This guide will:

  • Inform you on what to bring
  • Help make your 'combo' as swift as possible
  • Avoid frustration and future regret.
  • Tell you how to maximize your tool's enchantments

Anvil combinations were introduced in a previous update in Minecraft and are extremely useful in ECC. Once you have found a trusted user to complete your 'combo' here is what you need you bring.

Buying a Combination

The following sections will be from the perspective of a user buying one and not knowing what really happens.
There is another section down below filled with tips and tricks if you have access to an anvil and are hired to do a combination.

Items to Bring

  • The tools or:
  • One tool and a book
  • Experience (up to 35 levels could be required but often it is less)
  • EcoDollars to pay for it
  • Friendliness and compassion

Once you have arrived and the other user is ready to accept the tools for the combo simply drop the items you brought for them to combine. In order to transfer the EXP the user will put up a sign with how much EXP is required (Note: The other user will NOT know how much EXP is required until he has the tools) Make sure to ask how many levels the combo will require and check here if they have said the correct amount and are not trying to cheat you out of valuable EXP.


With practice comes perfection. Which means that really the only way you can make this process smoother is more practice. I suggest going into single player to see how the anvil works so you will have experience with it. But here are some tips:

  • Be attentive and responsive
  • Be sure to have enough EXP or buy some quickly if you don't have enough

Avoid Frustration

Too many times I have seen users disappointed because the enchantment they brought cannot be combined onto the item they desire.

  • Some quick tips:

You cannot put Efficiency nor Silk Touch on swords or armor (i.e. If you were attempting to make a 'melon-sword')
You cannot put any type of Protection on any tools
You cannot put the "Bane of Arthropods" enchantment and the "Sharpness" enchantment on the same tool
You cannot put the "Smite" enchantment and the "Sharpness" enchant on the weapon
You cannot have 'double' protection on armor (i.e. If you try to put Fire Protection 4 on a helmet already with Protection 4 it will NOT allow to do this)
You cannot have "Silk Touch" and any level of "Fortune" on the same item

How to achieve the maximum levels

Lets say you just enchanted a pick and received Efficiency 3 and want to make it Efficiency 5. To do this you will need:

  • Another pick or book with Efficiency 3
  • Another pick or book with Efficiency 4

First you will add the Efficiency 3 item to the Efficiency 3 pick you have to get Efficiency 4 Then do the same with the two Efficiency 4 items.
For those good with math here is an equation: X+X=X+1 (i.e. Efficiency 3 + Efficiency 3 = Efficiency 4) This works with all enchantments except:

  • Silk Touch
  • Aqua Affinity
  • Flame
  • Infinity

All of these enchantments Max-out at a level of one.

Providing a Combination

This section will be full of tips and tricks to save as much time and EXP as possible and to guide the learnings of those with privileges to anvils.

/Kit Anvil

The most important thing in selling Anvil Combinations is having an anvil. When I first received these privileges I did this command for 2 weeks straight building my arsenal of anvils so I never looked awkward when a user came and I didn’t have an anvil.

EXP Sharing

Every combination requires EXP and often users don’t know how to receive EXP efficiently. Here is the best way that I know how to do it.
Lets say a combination requires 6 levels of EXP so 102 EXP orbs. The person who is doing the combination will need to set up a sign like the following:
Line one: [Trade]
Line two: 102 EXP
Line three: $.01:.01
Line four: (blank)
This will take $.01 from the anviler and allow the buyer to transfer the required EXP. The anviler will either need to break the sign or right click the sign to receive the EXP and complete the combination. To see how many EXP orbs are required for a combination look here at the first chart series.

EXP Shortcuts

For a tool-tool combination there are always two ways to combine them. Pay close attention as the amount of EXP required could vary greatly between the two. In fact, if at first it says the amount of levels is “Too Expensive” try switching the tools places and see if that solves it.
Also, the durability the tool has left on it greatly affects the amount of EXP required. I suggest telling the buyer to have the tools repaired before combining the tools as it does affect the EXP.
The enchanted books also throw a twist into the anvil. To combine a book onto an item the book must always go after the item. You cannot combine a book to a book.

These are all the tips I have compiled throughout my ECC days and I hope that all of you benefit from it!