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Whether you are conducting a transaction or filing a complaint, it is important to have proper evidence of your transactions, or allegations. Even though there is a record of everything that happens on EcoCityCraft, it is your responsibility to collect appropriate evidence of your economic dealings, for your own protection from unfair allegations, or to file complaints of incomplete agreements. It is also your responsibility to collect evidence if you are filing an abuse complaint about another user. (See Economy Rules). Any attempt to submit altered or falsified evidence will be punished severely by the server. When filing a complaint, you need evidence to support your claim. Only when appropriate evidence is presented, will moderators investigate the situation.

For economic transactions, there are two portions of evidence you need to have:

  1. Evidence of an agreement (aka contract), whether it be in-game or on the forum
  2. Evidence that you completed your part of the agreement

Most often, the evidence you need to gather will be in-game screenshots (See how to take and post screenshots). Remember, you can also make contracts using the forum (See forum contract format).

Good Screenshot Evidence

Though it is always best to have as much evidence as possible, there are a few important features make some screenshots good evidence. (See how to take screenshots).

Minecraft Client

Screenshot evidence on EcoCityCraft will only be accepted from the Minecraft game client. Even though you are allowed to use chat clients like Minechat to participate in ECC in-game chat, screenshots from such clients will not be considered as proper evidence. Additionally, screenshots or text from any type of chat logger are not acceptable as evidence. Also, screenshots of skype conversations are not admissible as evidence.

Entire Minecraft Window

Screenshots of Minecraft should be of the entire Minecraft window. Minecraft itself can take screenshots (How to take screenshots) -- but if for some reason you are unable to take screenshots using Minecraft, there are ways on PC's and Mac's to take screenshots of the entire Minecraft window (Read Non-minecraft screenshots).

When using screenshots as evidence, you must not crop or alter the image in any way. The screenshot must be whole. Even if the use is for a simple chat abuse complaint or evidence of a payment, the screenshot needs to be of the entire minecraft client.

Time stamps

The best screenshot evidence you can have should have a timestamp. The timestamp helps us know when something took place, and helps staff investigate events. In Minecraft, after a screenshot is taken, a timestamp will be shown in the chat window. If you then take a second screenshot in Minecraft, the second picture now has the timestamp of the first screenshot, and you may use the second screenshot as evidence. See how to take screenshots.

Example of what a timestamp looks like in the chat window:



Many users now have the feature Nickname[+]. This can cause problems when collecting good evidence as the user may not be easily identifiable by their nickname if it is not similar to their IGN. Similarly, it is good practice to check a user's nickname before trading to make sure that the user is not attempting to impersonate another player. In order to check this, use the command /realname <username> . Or you can do /realname * which will show you the nicknames of all players who currently have a nickname. In order to collect sufficient evidence of this, please ensure that your screenshot has a timestamp.

The screenshot will need to be of the entire minecraft window, however this is an example of what you need to ensure is included:


Example Situations

Here are some example situations of where you should collect evidence, and what you should do.

Plot/Home Purchase

When purchasing a plot or a home, it can be important to gather evidence of the purchase for both the buyer and the seller.

As a buyer, if you are wrongfully removed from a town, you can use evidence of the agreement and purchase to prove that you lived there.

As a seller, if you have special town rules that a resident has broken and you wish to immediately evict them, you would not only need proof of the broken town rule, but proof that the resident was aware of the town rule that was broken (See rules). You can do these agreements and affirmations in forum contracts and town threads as well.

Example of an in-game plot plot purchase

In this example, one person is selling a plot to another person.

OnSceneReporter: I shall sell revanrose6 a 10x10 plot in the town of Amestris for $1000.

revanrose6: I agree.

  • revanrose6 then pays OnSceneReporter. Both OnScene and revan can screenshot the agreement and payment with timestamps.
  • Additionally, once added to the town /rg i permission list, revanrose6 can screenshot the list as proof that she lived there, in the event there is a problem.
  • If OnSceneReporter has special town rules posted either on the forum or in the town, OnScene can direct revanrose6 to read over the rules and ask if revan understands that there are special town rules. When revan confirms, OnScene can screenshot that with timestamps to help prove that revan was made aware of special town rules.

Evictions, Perm Removals, LWC removals

Though there are exceptions (see rules), evictions or perm removals from a town can require that a town mayor issue an eviction notice before they can actually remove a resident from the town permission list. This is so that the resident has time to remove his/her belongings in locked items (chests, furnaces) and remove blocks for any structure the resident built (if the home is a pre-built, the resident does not have the right to remove or damage the pre-built). If the resident has a forum account, the mayor can issue an eviction and lwc notice on the forum, either in a town thread or by forum PM. If the resident does not have a forum account however, the mayor will need to issue a proper eviction notice in game by a pm or in-game mail.

Example eviction by forum

Example eviction by forum PM

This is an example of what you could send to someone you are evicting:

OnSceneReporter: Hello revanrose6. I am evicting you from my town of Amestris. You have three days to remove your things from the plot and remove your LWC's, or I shall request them to be unlocked.

  • If this was in a town thread on the froum, when OnSceneReporter files a LWC removal, he can simply link to this post. If this is a forum PM, OnSceneReproter will need to screenshot the forum message, and put that on the LWC removal request.
  • If revanrose6 files a complaint on OnSceneReporter for town removal after the notice period, OnSceneReporter has evidence that he provided notification.

Example eviction by in-game mail

Sending notice by in-game mail is a little more tricky. You will need to screenshot the mail message as you have written it out, send it, and screenshot that the message was successfully sent, all with timestamps. This can get more tricky as you may need to send multiple messages to write out the full eviction notice.

/mail send revanrose6 You will be evicted from the town of Amestris.

  • Double screenshot this for the timestamp
  • Send the notice, and make sure you receive the "Mail sent" confirmation from the server.
  • Then double screenshot again for the timestamp on the message sent confirmation.

/mail send revanrose6 You have 3 days to remove your things and LWC locks.

  • Double screenshot this for the timestamp
  • Send the notice, and make sure you receive the "Mail sent" confirmation from the server.
  • Then double screenshot again for the timestamp on the message sent confirmation.
Ex1. Mail message 1 written out, and double screen-shotted for timestamp.
Ex2. Confirmation of the first mail message being sent.
Ex3. Second mail message.
Ex4. Confirmation of the second mail message.

Item Trade

Whether you're buying or selling, renting or sharing something, it is important to gather proper evidence of the agreement, and gather evidence that you have fulfilled your part of the trade agreement. You can always form a contract on the forum to save yourself a step, especially for more complicated agreements like trades that have payment periods, rentals, or shared use of a tool.

Note: A trade advertisement is not evidence of an agreement. When responding to an advertisement, you still need to form an actual agreement with the individual you are buying from or selling to.

Example of Item Trade

In this example, a person is advertising an item in trade chat.

[Tr] OnSceneReproter: Selling a pumpkin axe- eff5, ubr3, silk- for 10k

  • revanrose6 may see this and choose to pm OnScene for the item.

revanrose6: I would like to purchase it.

  • Now, OnScene and revan need to form an agreement between them, being sure to include details about the enchantments for the item, so there is no confusion.

onscenereporter: I will give revanrose6 a diamond pumpkin axe (eff5 ubr3 silk) once I receive 10k. Do you agree?

revanrose6: Yes. I agree to pay 10k for the diamond pumpkin axe.

  • Both OnScene and revan can screenshot the agreement with timestamps.
  • revan can now send the payment to OnScene, and screenshot the payment confirmation as proof that she completed her end of the agreement.
  • It is now important that OnScene give the pumpkin axe to revan, and screenshot this process. This will act as protection in case there is a problem.

Item Rental or Sharing

When renting or sharing items, it is very important to address several things in a contract. It may be best to form a contract on the forum, but you could make one in game as well.

A rental or loan contract can cover the following details:

  • Who owns the item that is being rented or shared
  • What the item is (detailed stats) (does it have a name attached to it?)
  • Who it is being rented or shared with
  • The duration that the item is being rented or shared for
  • How much is to be paid for the rental duration
    • Is the payment total, up front? Or is there a down payment, and an amount to be paid when the item is returned?
  • When to return the item (and if there is a specific location, like a chest, to return it to)
  • What are the consequences if the item is not returned (late fees, or in case of loss or destruction, how much should be reimbursed)
  • Agreement by the owner of the item and agreement by the person renting/sharing the item

Once a proper contract is made, the person taking out the item can make payments if necessary to the owner and screenshot this. The owner should then make the item available to the renter, and gather screenshots detailing that the item has been made available.


Though it may seem over-complicated, it is actually very important to make an actual agreement when asking someone for a service like an item repair or anvil combination/renaming.

In this example, onscenereporter sees someone advertising an enchanted tool repair (erepair) in chat:

[Tr] revanrose6: Selling erep, $500.

  • OnSceneReporter sees this, and contact's revan.

onscenereporter: I would like to get an erep.

  • OnScene and revan should figure how to meet up.
  • They need to make a contract for the erepair.

onscenereporter: I will give revanrose6 $500, to repair my eff1 diamond pickaxe and then return it ot me. Do you agree?

revanrose6: Yes.

  • OnScene and revan can screenshot this contract with timestamps.
  • OnScene can then send payment to revan.
    • Both of them should screenshot the payment with timestamps.
  • They can now uses a safe item transaction method (using a locked chest) to give the item to revan for the erepair.
    • OnScene should thorougly screenshot the process of giving the item to revan, and revan should thoroughly screenshot the process of repairing the item, and giving it back to OnScene.
    • Please read How to Safely Give an item to another player.


Auctions are frequently held, fast-paced ways of selling items. With EcoCityCraft's new automated systems, auction scams have been reduced significantly! However, scams can still occur, so proper evidence is still needed. When you are bidding on an item, always remember to take screenshots. A few things that we will need when dealing with auction scams are:

  • A screenshot of the auction.
  • A screenshot of your cursor over any bolded text (as to reveal enchantments/tags)
  • A screenshot of you winning the item.

Scams with the new auction system are very rare, but they can still happen. Just remember that proper evidence and take screenshots with timestamps and the staff will look further into the issue.


User-User loans are transactions that occur daily on EcoCityCraft. Loans can range from small (5k) to large loans (over 100k). Remember to lend money only to trusted users or users you personally trust. Scams will happen, and you need to make sure you have the proper evidence when something like this may pop up. We will need the following evidence when dealing with a complaint:

  • A screenshot of the on the amount that will be loaned.
    • Ex: "I will lend you 20k."
  • A screenshot of the amount that will be paid back.
    • Ex: "I would like 30k back."
  • A screenshot of the time allotted to pay back the loan. **Be sure to include a time-stamp!**
    • Ex: "Please pay back 30k by Monday."
  • A screenshot of the other user agreeing.
    • Ex: "I will pay back the 30k by Monday."
  • A screenshot of the payment being sent over.
    • Ex: "$20000 has been sent to _____."

Shop Feature Buying/Selling

You should only purchase special features from trusted users or users you personally trust. The safest way to ensure that you will not get scammed is to purchase using your own money. Whenever someone has purchased a special feature for you, always ask them to send you the transaction ID through the forum. We will need the following screenshots when dealing with a complaint:

  • A screenshot of the user offering to sell the special feature.
    • Ex: "I can sell you a pet for 75k."
  • A screenshot of you agreeing to the transaction
    • Ex: "Sure, I'll buy it."
  • A screenshot of you paying the user
    • Ex: "$75000 has been sent to _____."
  • A screenshot of you not being able to use the special feature. (optional)
    • No special feature medal or and error message when trying to use the special feature. Special feature medals are updated automatically, so make sure you check for a medal on your forum profile after purchase (if applicable).

In-Game Abuse/Harassment

If you see in-game rule breaking or chat abuse that is not attended to by moderators, you can file a complaint to report it. Whether it is in a private message, party chat, an sg game, a local area, or a town chat channel, you may want to file a complaint.

Be sure to screenshot the abuse/harassment with timestamps.

In-Game Rule Illegal killing

Killing of other players is only allowed in PVP enabled zones (Nether World, PVP World, Town PVP Arenas...). Sometimes people may try to kill someone in non-pvp areas, or kill them by illegally teleporting them into a PVP zone. This constitutes as harassment (See rules). These things are unfortunate and not always easy to anticipate.

Example of a deathscreen that shows the timestamp and coordinates.

If you file a complaint, you should try to include the following information:

  • Location of the killing.
  • The time of the killing (timestamp).
  • Screenshot of the deathscreen.
  • If you can, screenshot the person as they are illegally attempting to kill you.


  • When receiving a teleport from someone (especially someone you don't know), store your valuables in locked chests beforehand.
  • Before you accept a teleport, you can to activate the debug screen by pressing F3. This will show your coordinates. If you are killed, you can screenshot the deathscreen with timestamps, and the debug screen information should also be there.


If you believe someone is hacking, you should gather as much evidence as possible and post a complaint on the forums. You may want to gather video recorded evidence of suspected hacking to post in a complaint. In any event, it is not good to talk about or accuse people of hacking in game or on the forums, as that would constitute harassment. Proper complaints with evidence will be scrutinized and investigated by EcoCityCraft staff.

Complaints of Staff Members

If you have a complaint about a member of the EcoCityCraft staff, you must send the complaint to the Server Admins by sending a forum PM to Physicistsmom and Nicit6. Should you wish to file a complaint against one of the Server Admins, you must send a complaint directly to the Server Owner via forum PM.