Beginners Guide to the Nether

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Beginners Guide to the Nether

Hi there. In this thread I will aim to arm newcomers to the Nether with common knowledge about what to do there and to give some tips to older players. When you first arrive in the Nether you will be in a protected area where no one can grief. However, as soon as you leave spawn you are entered in an all out free-for-all where theres no limit to the amount of Lava/TNT/ and griefing people can do.

What to bring

As usual, going into any PVP enabled arena you will need armor and a weapon. Obviously it is all up to you on what you deem to be sufficient, but it is recommended that you procure full Protection 4 armor so you can defend yourself. However, also helpful in the Nether is Fire Protection. If you obtain full Fire Protection armor then you have the ability to swim in lava. Unfortunately, you cannot have both Protection and Fire Protection on the same item so you will have to chose whether you want to fight with regular Protection or go and jump into lava with Fire Protection. In addition, if you have acquired the feature Pyro+ then you also have the ability to swim in lava.


Fly+ is a special feature that allows you to fly in the Nether. However, as with many features there are rules in place to make sure that you aren't overpowered. As stated by the rules you may only use this feature to reach high places or to get to places faster. Some more rules are mentioned below.


One of the biggest rules surrounding this feature is that if you fly around the Nether just to find and kill people you may face serious consequences. Special feature abuse is taken very seriously and if you are found guilty of committing these crimes, your feature may be revoked without any refund.


One myth about Fly+ is that if you use it to excessively break spawners you will get your feature removed because it could be classified as 'harassing players.' I have personally asked Andrewkm about this and he said it is legal to do this. However, many people will become mad at you if you do destroy many spawners. Recently, there has been a big debate about whether or not flying around and breaking spawners is ethical. Sides have formed on this debate and many people are taking action so be careful!.
However, if you happen to come across a Blaze spawner, you are in luck! The amount of EXP you can gain from one of these is immense which is why everyone is out trying to destroy them. If you do happen to find one I suggest making a spawn trap for them so you can minimize the chance of dying and maximize profit! There are many different ways to customize your own spawner trap so ask in game if you need some help! The best way I can suggest to learn about set-ups is to look them up on the internet as you cannot use the TP feature in the Nether.
WIth all the EXP you receive I suggest stockpiling it as you never know when you are going to need to enchant a few picks or armor. To stockpile it simply create a sign like the following:
$900 (or some ridiculous number so no one would buy it)
1 EXP:<however much you have>
And then simply hit create! Break the sign whenever you need to use the EXP.

Nether Quartz

When ECC updated to 1.5, Nether Quartz was flooded into the market and the Nether was busiest as ever! So you want to get in on the action? Great! There is an abundance of quartz in the Nether. In fact, it has twice the number of ores per chunk as Iron does in Legacy / Rising!! There have been many discussions about where the best place is to mine for quartz. The truth is that as long as you are in the Nether, it does not matter where you look. Every block level has the same chance of spawning quartz as the other! That being said, obviously it is easiest to find the exposed quartz on the surface as this reduces the chances of you running into a lava pocket. The Nether is seen as profitable because of the quartz and the EXP from blaze spawners. The average quartz drop sells for $2 to players ($1 to the server), the average quartz block for just over $9 to players ($2 to the server) and every quartz ore (mined with Fortune 3) can give 3-4 quartz drops (plus EXP if fortuned in the Mining World) which makes your Nether mining extremely profitable!

These are all the tips that I have found in my experience in the Nether and I hope you can learn from them!