VMR Server Rules

Jun 2, 2019
VMR Server Rules

  • The TinyURL for this page is http://tinyurl.com/vmrrules.

    General Gameplay Rules
    • All network-wide rules regarding the chat behavior apply on the VMR server.
    • Griefing and raiding are allowed.
    • Trolling, harassment and other toxic behavior will not be tolerated. Be a good sport, and play nicely.
    • Vulgar language in chat, signs as well as vulgar and/or inappropriate structures are disallowed.
    • Player-killing is allowed, PvP is fully enabled on VMR
    • All vanilla mechanics are allowed, if you can do it in vanilla Minecraft then you can do it on VMR.
    Cross-Server Trading:
    • Trading items on VMR for items on the Main Server is allowed.
    • Automation is allowed.
    • Being AFK to load farms or spawners for the purpose of automation is allowed.
    Alternate Accounts:
    • Use of alternate accounts is allowed.
    Hacked-Clients, Third-Party Modifications:
    • Hacked Clients and third party modifications, including macro-mod and mini-maps are allowed.
      • However; abuse of this freedom results in an account wipe for that week if you are caught. Use at your own risk.
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