The Builder's Getting Started Guide

Jan 27, 2019
The Builder's Getting Started Guide

  • Part One: The Basics(top)

    So, you've just joined the server. You're in the flashy spawn with it's emerald floor and impressive structures. Chat logs fly by from all these people with fancy colored titles and you're incredibly confused. You've probably been hit with a barrage of "Welcome to EcoCityCraft!" and the like. Fear not! This guide is here! Let's get started, shall we?

    Part Two: (Incredibly) Useful Commands(top)

    These are just a handful of the plethora of commands EcoCityCraft has to offer. To see them all, go to Server Commands or simply type "/help commands" while in game
    • General
      • /spawn Takes you back to the spawn of the world that you are currently in, whether it be our 2 main world maps, mining world, the Nether, or The End.
      • /sethome Sets your "home" at your current location! Just do /home to get back there.
      • /list or /online or /who Lists who is online, organised by rank. Pressing and holding tab effectively does the same thing. You may also do /who (rankname) it will list all users by that rank, very useful when looking for mayors or moderators.
      • /help Why would you NOT use this? It even looks awesome, too! You can also do /help money to give suggestions on gaining EcoDollars. In addition, do /help ranks and /help <rank> to figure out all the benefits you can get from ranking up!
      • /seen [playername] Tells you the last time this player was on the server.
      • /sell [hand/#/-#/all] These commands will sell either the item you are holding, sell the amount input of the item you are holding, sell the item you are holding minus the input number, or everything in your inventory that can be sold to the server.
      • /worth [hand/itemname] <amount> Tells you the server price of any item. If you are not holding the item you MUST type the amount.
      • /pay [player's FULL name or at least most of it] [amount] Pays a certain amount of money to a given player. Caution: If you use part of the name it may pay multiple users the amount of money. If this happens it is your own fault and nothing can and will be done to refund you.
      • /bal or /money or /balance Checks your remaining EcoDollar balance.
      • /trade [player] Requests a player to trade with you. Use this as a way to do safe item and money transactions.
    • Chat
      • /tell [playername] The server equivalent of private messaging. You can also do /pm or /msg [playername] for the same outcome. Doing "/r" will let you reply to the last person to message you.
      • /ch [channelname] Joins a chat channel. The main ones are G (Global), L (Local or 400 blocks), TR (Trade) and Auc (Auction)
    • LWC
      • /cprivate Locks a chest, door, fence gate, sign, etc. (Note: it is disabled in Mining World and in the Nether).
      • /cmodify [playername] Allows other players to have access to your chest.

    Part Three: OK, so what now?(top)

    If you were curious and tried some of these commands, then you probably would have noticed some cool things. Let's try /bal, shall we? (/money and /balance do the same thing but /bal is shorter). If you did it right, it should look like this:

    However, your balance won't be $96756.33 (sorry), which was my balance at the time I took that screenshot, but rather, it will be $0.00. An outrage, I hear you cry? Never fear! This guide is here! Let's try another command, now. This time, it's the lustrous /spawn! Simply use /spawn and you'll be teleported to the awesome spawn!

    At spawn, there is a portal that is labeled "Mining". Go through here and you will enter our mining world. To start out, it is advised to do "/kit starter" to get your basics for starting out. Once you get that, do "/wild" and get your ECC adventure started! Build a home, but beware, grief is legal in the mining world, so hide your base well! Do the /sell command on your various goods and get your money so you can move up the ranks!

    You've learnt the basics! Or, at least, part of them. The coolest part (or at least one of them) is next...

    Part Three Point One: Ranking Up(top)

    When you join EcoCityCraft, your rank is [Builder]. Your name will appear as white in chat and the tag [Builder] will be next to your name.

    The next rank up is [Resident]. This command allows for total 100 locks on chests, doors, etc. It also gives you access to Region commands so you can buy a town from a different player and still be able to add or remove member from the region. The rank costs 15,000 EcoDollars and you must apply for it on the forums using the format here.

    After that, you can apply for the [Mayor] rank. This rank is pretty cool. It comes with the usual LWC lock limit increase (now 300 total!), and one extra thing. You can make your own towns for whatever you want, whether it be a farm, a plot town for builders. It costs 85,000 EcoDollars and you must apply for it on the forums using the format here.

    Is that all not good enough for you? No problem! Become a [President]! Just 180,000 EcoDollars. Make a glorious nation dedicated to yourself! Apply on the forums with this format!

    EcoCityCraft also offers 3 different Nether ranks! The Nether has PvP enabled, So be careful!
    • There's [Survivor]! Be the weakling for just 20,000 EcoDollars!
    • There's [Warrior]! Own the survivors for just 25,000 EcoDollars! Sneak around and use lava buckets!
    • And there's [Terminator]! Own the warriors! Own just about everything! Have the ability to spawn in TnT and blow stuff up! All for just 30,000 EcoDollars!
    If that isn't enough for you, there's also 2 different "End" ranks! In the End, you can make builds that will last for a long time, however griefing is highly illegal there!
    • Become a [Voyager], and get nothing, really. Just 20,000 EcoDollars!
    • Become a [VoidWalker], and get nothing else, either. Just 25,000 EcoDollars, and you must be a voyager before hand!
    And finally, the Moderator rank. This can can only be applied for when Staff Applications are open. You must either be Mayor+ or have been registered on the forums for over 6 months to be eligible to apply.

    Part Four: Towns(top)

    So you've finally got your 85k and want lovely dark green tag! Here are a few helpful hints to make your mayor app become as streamlined as possible! First, find between a 100x100 and 200x200 open stretch of land, in Rising, where you wish to place your town. Second, at one corner (does not matter which one) place a sign with "Post A" on it. Click F3 and jot down the X, Y, and Z co-ords to put into your application. Walk 100-200 blocks in any cardinal direction to reach the next corner where you will put a sign labeled "Post B", again jot down the co-ords and plug them into app. Turn 90 degrees from where you came, walk 100-200 blocks and put "Post C" again plug the coords into the app. Finally, turn another 90 degrees in the same direction from Post B, walk 100-200 blocks and finally place Post D and put the co-ords into the app. To confirm, make sure all the co-ords are 200 blocks apart and form a rectangle. Here are some tips to keep in mind:
    • All co-ords come with many decimals, feel free to just put the whole number into your app as the admins will still be able to locate your posts.
    • If you feel yourself worried, feel free to ask any staff member as they are very willing to help out worried users and their town posts.
    If your soon-to-be town is within 15 blocks of another user's town on any other side you will need to get them to comment on your Mayor app of them approving the location of your town. Remember: The processing of these apps takes time to create each individuals town, DO NOT ask staff to do the app as only the Game Admins can do them and the process is very time consuming. I can guarantee it, as long as you have filled out your application correctly, you will get your town in less than 7 days.
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