Dec 13, 2018
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    The Sportsbook on ECC is used to bet on various events, whether they are real life special events in sports or server events such as PVP fights and tournaments.

    Clicking on Sportsbook will show you a detailed list of currently available events, when each event closes, total wagers and the handle.
    Note: The handle is the total amount of bets taken for the event.
    From here you can click the events to place wagers, see odds/money lines, view betting limits, etc. Once you click on an event you will see something like what is shown here:


    Purple box - Shows what time the event will close
    Green box - Shows total wagers, handle, and how much money has been paid out once the event has been completed.
    Orange box - Gives you the option to view betting limits and you will see this next to the team(s) you have currently placed wagers on once you have met the maximum wager limit.
    Blue box - Click this next to the team you want to place your bet on.
    Pink box - Shows total current wagers/bets, total current amount of stakes/money placed, and total paid out to people for the individual teams.
    Red box - Shows current odds

    Example on how to read this:
    For AFC Bournemouth:
    Current Odds: 1/3 (0.33)
    This translates to [You win this]/[For every this] or [(1 dollar yields you this)]
    This means you win 1 dollar for every 3 dollars you bet.
    Another way to understand it is in the bracket. For every dollar you bet you win 33 cents.

    You bet: 1000
    You will win: 330
    Total return: 1330

    For Reading:
    Current Odds: 2/1 (2.00)
    You win 2 dollars for every 1 dollars you bet.
    For every dollar you bet you win 2 dollars.

    You bet: 1000
    You will win: 2000
    Total return: 3000

    Please note that the event must be opened for you to place wagers on it. Events will usually open the day of the event, or a few days before hand to allow for deposit to go through in the case of major events that may have a lot of betting.Once a game begins the event will close and no longer accept wagers.

    At the end of the event, it is up to the bookie, Andrewkm, to input the results. Please allow up to 24-48 hours for this although usually it will not be this long.

    For more information on Sportsbook visit the FAQ thread located in the Sportsbook forum section.
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