Skyblock AFK and Automation Guidelines

Jul 6, 2018
Skyblock AFK and Automation Guidelines
  • On EcoCityCraft Skyblock, the creation and use of automatic farms as well as going AFK by these farms are welcomed and very much encouraged. However, several limitations exist to prevent the generation massive amounts of resources.

    Violation of any of the following AFK and automation guidelines can result in your balance being wiped or island being reset as well as a ban from EcoCityCraft should you be caught. You have been warned!



    Going AFK on Skyblock is perfectly allowed. However, while you are AFK, you should generally not be performing any activities.

    The following is NOT allowed, no matter whether you are AFK or active:
    • The use of any third-party modifications to the client (i.e. MacroMod, Autofish, hacked clients, etc.) to generate items, XP, or EcoDollars.
    • The use of any method to hold down or press a button (i.e. placing a weight, e.g. to hold down MOUSE1 and farming Cobblestone)
    • The use of any external programs (i.e. autoclickers, AutoHotKey, macros).
    • Any non-vanilla method not listed above that generates income, items, or XP in any way.
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