PVP Area Relocation Application

Feb 26, 2019
PVP Area Relocation Application

  • PVP Area Relocation Application(top)


    • COST:
      • $10,000
    • RANK:
      • Must be ranked [Mayor]
      • Must be the original town mayor to apply for town feature!
    • ACTION:
      • Must read rules over and ensure they are followed.
      • Must ensure entire application is read and applied for properly.


    • You are able to relocate your PVP area for any reason you choose. You must follow all the previous PVP area creation instructions in the PVP Area Application section. You may only relocate to another place in the same town. A PVP area cannot be moved from one town to another.


    • To apply for a PVP Area Relocation you must fill out this form.
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