PVP Area Application

Jun 23, 2020
PVP Area Application

  • PVP Area Application(top)


    • COST:
      • $40,000
    • RANK:
      • Must be ranked [Mayor]
      • Must be the official town owner to apply for town feature!
    • ACTION:
      • Must read rules over and ensure they are followed.
      • Must ensure entire application is read and applied for properly.


    • A PVP application will make any specified area within your town a PVP enabled area. When applying for a PVP arena you MUST make it some form of a cuboid. It doesn't have to be a PERFECT cuboid, but it must be some form of one, cant have turns, ect. It simply cannot be an L shaped cuboid. Well technically it could, but during the enabling of PVP it would then extend out of the arena. So in simple terms, your ENABLED PVP must be in a cuboid area! Please mark your cuboid on two opposite edges using signs. After the PVP area is set you can break the signs and replace the blocks.
    • At the moment there is no size restriction to how big your PVP area is! (As long as its within your town region) So technically YES, you can make an entire PVP town. Note: Once purchased your PVP arena CANNOT be moved, or toggled on/off regarding its PVP status except with further applications!
    • When you have your PVP region set up it will totally correspond with your town region building-wise! This means any member/owner you add/remove from your town will as well be added to the PVP arena. This way you do not need to worry about managing two region setups. Basically your town region is all you need to worry about. Whoever is a member there will have access to everything they normally do such as block placement/break inside the PVP arena.
    • You can have an unlimited amount of PVP arenas within your town.
    • Common Mistake: Do not set both your signs at the same y level. This means if users jump they are out of PVP; and seems pretty pointless. You must form an actual cuboid.


    • To apply for a PVP Area you must fill out this form.
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