Main City Server Rules

Apr 1, 2019
Main City Server Rules

  • Section 1 - General Gameplay(top)

    Clause 1 - Universal Living(top)

    • It is up to each individual user to survive in the best way they can. A large majority of the main worlds and the mining world is unprotected, and grief can and will happen in those areas.
    • If you wish to reduce the possibility of grief, it’s encouraged that you seek out a mayor or president who has a town with plots for sale and speak with them about obtaining a plot. For more information about obtaining plots in protected towns, and the rights of the mayors and presidents of a protected town, please see Section 4 of the rules.

    Clause 2 - Building Rules(top)

    Clause 2.1 - Disallowed Structures(top)

    There are several disallowed structures on this server, which are prohibited even in the wild:

    • Blocks spelling out inappropriate language.
    • Signs with defamatory and/or vulgar language.
    • Cactus farms.
    • Player traps in non-PvP worlds.
    • Continuous redstone clocks are not allowed.
    • Temporary, small redstone clocks are fine so long as they are only used for a short period at a time.
    • Farms that operate by means of Redstone Lamps or turning off the lights in order to break crops (aka. "Light farming")
    • Large passive mob farms or any large collection of passive mobs are strictly forbidden.
    • Small farms (50 mobs or less) are allowed so long as they do not cause any server lag.
    • Any buildings deemed inappropriate by staff.

    Clause 2.2 - Spawn Shops(top)

    • Spawn Shops are server-owned shop plots that have their own portal leading from spawn directly to the shopping area. You must be a resident or higher rank to rent one of these.
    • A minimum of 8 trade signs must be in your store area. Not following this rule risks getting evicted. This is not your personal private plot; this is your commercial store plot.
      • If after 2 weeks of rental you have not placed the minimum trade signs then you risk losing the shop.
    • There are a few materials that cannot be placed in spawn shops, having any of the following in your shop may result in you forfeiting the shop without refund:
      • No lava, fire, water, horses, natural trees, or vines.
      • Max 25 item frames.
      • No working redstone (Including active music notes and power redstone lamps.)
      • Decorative redstone, such as redstone blocks, is allowed so long as there's nothing in adjacent blocks for it to power (ie. It can't work at all, it can only be pretty.

    Clause 2.3 - Locks and Protection(top)

    • You cannot build a house out of or protect a house with anything that is considered a tile entity, or otherwise have a massive number of any of these items in an area for purposes other than their general intended purpose within Minecraft game play.
    • It does not matter if these blocks are locked by LWC or not.
    • Tile entities include (but may not be limited to based on future Minecraft updates): Furnaces, Signs, Enchanting Tables, Brewing Stands, Chests, and Noteblocks.
    • You are still allowed to use these blocks for their general purpose.
    • Having buildings built almost or completely out of any of these blocks may warrant them being world edited out.
    • If you need to protect a building in any of the methods that using any of these blocks used to be used for, you are now able to lock Obsidian in replacement for these tile entities. Please note that this is still limited to the number of LWCs you have available.

    Clause 3 - Player vs. Player (PvP)(top)

    • When you enter a PvP zone, you do so at your own risk. You can die at any point and anyone can pick up your items if you do. They are not and will never be required to give them back.
    • Staff will not take any action or refund any items in any case of you dying in a PvP area, unless feature abuse was involved. Please see Section 7 for what can constitute as feature abuse in PvP. Staff will still not refund anything lost in these scenarios.
    • These rules apply to Rising PvP arenas, the Nether and the End.

    Clause 4 - Theft and Safety(top)

    • It is your responsibility to ensure your items remain in your possession.
      • This can be done by keeping items on your person, in an enderchest, or in chests LWC-Protected to yourself.
    • It is legal to take from unlocked chests.
    • If you modify someone else to allow them access to a chest, they are allowed to take any of the contents unless it is part of an agreement or contract. Be cautious when allowing others access to your chests.
    • We offer the ability to set 'ownership' of items. See Section 3, Clause 3 for more details.
    • Compensation will not be offered for lost items.

    Section 2 - Griefing, Trolling and Harassment(top)

    Clause 1 - Griefing(top)

    • Grief is defined as breaking or destroying things that do not belong to you, including breaking and replacing things to get to places that otherwise you shouldn't be going (for example, breaking into someone's house.) This can also extend to building things in areas that do not belong to you.
      • Grief is not allowed in protected towns, unless the town owner has decided otherwise. In the event a grief occurs in a non-grief town then a grief report can be filed here: Grief Report and Rollback Request
        • If a town allows grief then all residents must be informed before joining the town.
    • When a grief report is filed, grief is graded on a sliding scale of minor/moderate/major based on the amount and severity of damage done, and is determined based on staff guidelines by the staff member investigating the situation. It is also determined at that time whether the grief is bad enough to warrant a rollback.
    • Grief in the wild is frowned upon, but allowed. Staff will not take any action in the case of wild grief.
    • Please see Section 6 for rules regarding grief in the End, Nether and Mining World.

    Clause 2 - Trespassing(top)

    • If a town owner asks you to leave their region for any reason and you are not a member of the region, you must comply with their request. You may not return to this region unless the applicant owner or the owner who has asked you to leave permits you to do so, by any means, including setting homes in the region (please see Section 7 Clause 4.)

    Section 3 - Economy and Transactions(top)

    Clause 1 - Safety and Responsibility(top)

    • When it comes to trades, whether it be an item for item trade, an item for money trade, a money for Server Features trade, or any sort of trade, there is a responsibility all parties take in participating in these trades to collect appropriate evidence in case something goes awry.
    • The main types of evidence needed to prove that a trade has gone wrong are: Proof of agreement (where the trade is stated and agreed upon by both parties) and the payment (where the payment is sent or received by one party.)
    • Contracts can act as proof of agreement, but in all cases, proof of payment is also required.
    • There is a forum thread, and a wiki tutorial on what proof is needed for screenshot evidence.
      • Under no circumstances is evidence from Skype or any other type of communication outside of the main server or forums admissible.
    • All parties involved in the trade understand that it is not the staff’s responsibility to return their money should they be scammed, and that in most situations, any money scammed will be lost. Users participate in trading at their own risk.
    • Always proceed with caution. If you do not think a user is trustworthy, or believe he has reason not to be, check the ban appeals and complaints section by searching their name.

    Clause 2 - Scamming(top)

    • A general definition of a scam in the context of EcoCityCraft is a transaction in which a user pays for goods or services from another user, and does not receive those goods/services in the agreed upon timeframe.
    • Failing to uphold your end of the deal is scamming, and is punishable by a ban. Your continuance on the server may rely on you following through with your end of the deal, or refunding what you scammed, solely at the staff’s discretion.

    Clause 2.1 - Renaming items(top)

    • Users cannot rename items for the purpose of making them misleading (for example, taking a cookie and renaming it “Diamond Sword”, and then attempting to auction or trade it without specifying that the item is a cookie is against the rules)
    • If you are auctioning or trading an item that has been renamed, you MUST specify what the item was before it was renamed.
    • All renamed items must follow the language and content rules for chat on the server. If it would not be appropriate in global, it is not an appropriate item name.
      • Making or distributing items that are inappropriately named are both punishable to the same extent. If you find or receive an item that has been inappropriately named, please inform a staff member immediately, so that they may investigate and act appropriately.

    Clause 3 - Item Ownership(top)

    • You may designate an item as yours with our /own command.
      • This only works for items that have a durability.
    • Items that have a designated ownership belong to that player no matter how they have been obtained after the ownership has been set.
      • Staff may require you to return an owned item to its designated owner should one be found in your possession.
      • In the case of loaning an item, the designated owner waives the right to reclaim the item for the duration of the loan, so long as the renter can provide sufficient evidence that they are legally borrowing the item.
    • Setting the ownership of an item that is not yours is not allowed.
      • This includes completing an ownership trade of an item without fulfilling your end of the deal.
      • This can result in an investigation, and a ban if found guilty.
    • If you are selling an item you are the designated owner of, you must transfer ownership to the receiving player.
      • Not doing so will be considered scamming.
    • We allow the trading of items with 'invalid ownership', meaning where the seller is not the designated owner of the item.
      • In these cases, the seller needs to get the buyer to acknowledge that the ownership is invalid before the trade is performed.
      • The designated owner is still able to reclaim the item after one of these trades.
      • The purchase of these items is entirely at your own risk.
        • The seller of the item will not be held responsible for losses incurred due to reclaimed items unless it is deemed that the seller sold the item with malicious intent.
      • Staff will not assist you in becoming the designated owner in these cases.
    • You will be required to know your item ID # displayed on your tool and send it to a ServerAdmin for any investigation.

    Section 4 - Towns, Nations and Property(top)

    Clause 1 - Town Ownership and Town Residency(top)

    • Town owners have the right to form any laws, living or building rules within in towns, so long as they do not interfere with our universal Server Rules.
      • Rules must be posted clearly in the town with locked signs, or agreed to via contract in order to be enforced by staff.
        • In the event the town rules are posted via signs, the mayor must provide Screenshots of the member agreeing to the town rules when filing a complaint.
    • Town owners are expected to have respect towards their town’s residents.
    • Scamming and taking advantage of your town’s residents is strictly prohibited.
      • If you are the victim of a Mayor/President town scam, you may submit proper evidence of such to our Complaints forum.
    • Mayors may remove anyone from their towns for any reason, as outlined in Clause 3 - Seizure of Property.
    • There are different terms of ownership, with different legal rights.
      • Official Owner: The player who currently owns the town as stated in the town application. This is either the original applicant or the player listed as "New Owner" in the town application. Only the official owner is able to file town feature applications.
      • Legal Owner: The owner of the town as defined by agreement (contract, in game agreement, etc.) with the Official Owner of the town.
        • There can be more than one Legal Owner per town (2 equal owners for example). This must be clearly expressed in the agreement.
        • A contract is by far the most reliable method of transferring legal ownership of a town and is the best way to prove that you are the Legal Owner.
      • Co-Owner/Co-Mayor: Added to the town but not legal owner. Powers are defined by the legal owner of a town.
    • Note: The town mayor may be either the official owner or a legal owner. It is whoever is currently in charge of the town.
    • An official owner is able to contact a GameAdmin+ at any time to request their town be returned to them, the request of which will be filled at the administration’s discretion.

    Clause 2 - Claiming and Zoning Laws(top)

    • There is no unofficial land claiming. The only way to claim land is to apply for a protected town/nation by applying for a town with a Mayor, President or Additional Town Application, dependent on your rank.
    • When placing a town, you must be at least 15 blocks away from any other town on all sides of your town
      • The exception to this is if you receive a neighbouring town owner’s permission by means of them posting in your application thread, in which case you may place your towns within 15 blocks of their town. You must receive permission from every town owner that you are within 15 blocks of.
      • Any owner of the town may give zoning permission.
    • Failure to abide by the zoning laws will result in your application being denied, as well as the possibility of you being fined.

    Clause 3 - Seizure of Property & 3 Day Eviction Notices(top)

    • By owning the town, a town Mayor has the right to remove you from the town at any time, for any reason, so long as the Mayor gives the user a 3 day eviction notice.
      • An eviction notice may be given by in-game (either by PM or /mail) or by tagging evicted users in a thread in the Town Evicitions sub-forum within the Towns Discussion forum. It is not required to post a thread for any eviction, although it may be easier if you are evicting multiple users.
      • The eviction notice must contain the name of the town. Be sure to collect evidence of this for LWC Removal Requests and/or proof should it be required at a later date. It is crucial that the screenshot has a timestamp (double tap f2).
      • If the user being evicted has LWCs in the town and the Mayor intends to file an LWC Request to have them removed, the eviction notice must include a specific request that the user removes their locks within the 3 days.
      • The evicted user must have had the opportunity to view the eviction notice. If the user has not been online, in-game or on the forums depending on how the eviction notice was issued, during the 3 day period then the eviction is not valid. The mayor or co-mayor must wait until the user is inactive (at least 7 days offline) or has been online to view to the notice before removing the user from the town or filing an LWC Removal Request.
    • In the event of grief;
      • A Mayor has the right to immediately remove the town permissions of a user found to be griefing in the town either actively, or post-event to prevent further grief.
        • This removal of permissions from the town must be followed up with a valid grief report within 24 hours to proceed with any Eviction, Seizure of Property or LWC Removal. Requests.
          • You cannot attempt to LWC or seize the users items until after the grief report has been processed. Then you must proceed with the proper eviction process.
        • Abuse of this right will result in serious consequences
    • Only the Official Owner or the Legal Owner of the town may evict players who are region owners/co-mayors.
    • However, under the following circumstances, the 3 day eviction criteria need not be met and the user may be removed from the town:
      • A user is inactive (by staff standards, this means at least 7 days offline.)
      • A user who has been banned for griefing in the town or warned by a staff member as a result of a Grief Report.
      • Players added to a region for a specific job upon completion of work or termination of employment.

    Clause 4 - LWC Removal Requests(top)

    • LWCs in towns may only be removed with a request in the Staff Requests forum by the mayor or co-mayor of the town under the following circumstances:
      • A user is inactive (by staff standards, this means at least 7 days offline.)
      • A user has been issued a 3 day eviction notice that complies with the requirements above in Clause 3. Proof of the eviction notice must be provided.
      • A user has been banned for Moderate+ grief in the town.
      • A user has been requested to remove their locks via an eviction notice and has outrightly declined to do so (timestamped proof of declination to remove locks must be provided with the request.)
    • Locks in the wild and locks belonging to the Official Owner of the town may not be removed.
    • You may not block access to any locked belongings of the evicted user at any time. Staff will deny all requests in which the LWCs have been blocked in an attempt to protect items.
      • If your request has been locked for this reason, you must re-issue the 3 day eviction notice and may only file a new LWC removal request once the 3 day eviction period has expired.
      • If the player was not issued an eviction notice as they had been offline for 7+ days, then you must still wait 3 days before re-filing the request.
    • If the town has the interact flag set to deny, players must still have perms to the town when the request is filed and may only be removed after a staff member has handled it. This is irrespective of whether the 3 day eviction period has ended.
      • A player who has been removed from the town for griefing under Section 4, Clause 3 above (Being warned by a staff member or banned for griefing in the town as a result of a Grief Report) does not need to be left added to the town.
        • Note: For a warning/ban for minor grief - A 3 day eviction notice must still be given under Section 4, Clause 3. During this time the player must still have the opportunity to collect their items. If necessary a town mayor can request the assistance of a staff member to supervise re-adding the player temporarily to collect their items to ensure that no further grief is committed.

    Clause 5 - Town Claims(top)

    • With the addition of the Town Claiming feature for Tycoons+, town transfers are possible by means of attaining a rank and claiming it under any of the following criteria:
      • The owners of the town are offline for a minimum of 6 months.
      • The owners of the town are permanently banned from the server, and a period of 7 days has passed since the ban was issued.
      • The owners of the town have signed and consented to the sale/transfer of a town officially, to be completed in full via the Town Claim Application.
    • When a user claims a town, the former Official Owner loses all rights to the town and its ownership. The user who has claimed the town becomes the Official Owner, and may apply for town features and have all the other benefits associated with being the Official Owner. This will not be reversed under any circumstances.
    • If you purchase another user’s town not via a Town Claim or Town Transfer, be wary that the Original Owner may contact a GameAdmin+ at any time to request the town be returned to them, the request of which will be filled at the administration’s discretion.

    Clause 6 - Town Transfers(top)

    • Town Transfer applications allow you to transfer a town via contract. The contract must specifically state that you are permitted to apply for a Town Transfer to gain Official Ownership of the town.
    • Please note that until a Town Transfer or Town Claim Application has been filed the town may be reclaimed at any point by the Official Owner at the discretion of the administration.
    • When a user transfers a town, the former Official Owner loses all rights to the town and ownership. The user who has claimed the town becomes the Official Owner, and may apply for town features and have all the other benefits of having a town in which they are the Official Owner.

    Section 5 - Unfair Play(top)

    Clause 1 - Hacking and Hacked Clients(top)

    • Fly, speed, air build, teleport hacking, or any other types of hacks, are not tolerated. This includes x-ray hacking and x-ray texture packs. Using any unfair means (including glitches, bugs, and exploits) to get into server buildings is also not allowed and is unfair to other users.
    • Using any clients, specifically hacked clients, which may allow you to gain unfair advantages as deemed by ECC staff is strictly prohibited.
    • Users caught using any client deemed to be a "hacked client", as defined by and at the discretion of the staff, will be banned. There is no excuse for using a hacked client on EcoCityCraft whatsoever.
    • Discussion of hacked clients is not allowed - we do not allow them, and therefore we do not discuss them.

    Clause 2 - Economy Exploits(top)

    • Any user caught severely exploiting the economy in any way without reporting the glitch or bug will be severely punished.
    • Exploiting the economy is any action that results in an unfair economical advantage to a single user or group of users, by means of a glitch, exploit or bug.
      • This also means that exploiting exploits that are known is against the rules. If you believe a bug, glitch or exploit has been reported and has not been fully fixed, please report this to the administrator.
    • There will be absolutely no chance of appeal for this sort of action.

    Clause 3 - Automation(top)

    • The use of any means to earn money without doing any work is prohibited.
    • This includes, but is not limited to, macromod scripts, autofisher mods, fully automated farms, and physical means to hold a button down while away from your computer.
    • Usage of automated means is allowed for mcMMO grinding, providing you are not generating money and are not afk (e.g. an autoclicker to train the swords skill on a player is allowed, an autoclicker to train the swords skill on a mob spawner is not).
    • If you are found to have used any kind of illegal automation, your relevant statistics/balance will be reduced and/or cleared entirely at the discretion of administration.
    • Be warned that we take this very seriously.

    Clause 4 - Multiple Accounts(top)

    • Multiple accounts used by different people on the same internet connection/IP are allowed. (Contact staff to inform them first to avoid any problems)
    • An individual person playing on multiple accounts is allowed as long as no financial benefits arise from doing so, and no accounts belonging to that player are banned.
    • Alternate accounts are not allowed to rank up past Resident or own towns.
    • There must be absolutely no financial interaction between multiple accounts that you own if they are for the sole purpose of funding an "alt" account.
    • Your "main" account is the account that has been used on EcoCityCraft for the longest period of time, and that you are mostly known for. If you do not understand this part of the rule, it's best to simply avoid any interactions between accounts. This rule is enforced completely at staff's discretion.
    • Direct or indirect transactions (via /pay, Chestshops, etc) are not allowed if they are financially benefiting your alt account.
    • If you have another account you wish to play on, and make money with, it cannot be used to fund other accounts.
      • Paying for absolutely anything on your main account with money from an alt account however is NOT allowed.
    • If any account owned by a player is banned, all the other accounts owned by that player will not be able to appeal until the account banned first has successfully appealed.
      • Exceptions may be made to this in certain scenarios such as inappropriate username bans.
    • If there are multiple accounts on the same internet connection/IP, either used by you or others, you must contact a member of staff immediately to inform them to avoid issues.
    • Users may be questioned for being on the same internet connection, or, in cases of suspicious activity and bans, immediately banned regardless of the reason for the same connection, to be appealed with an explanation.

    Section 6 - World-Specific Rules(top)

    Clause 1 - Mining World(top)

    • Using any means (including water and fire/lava) to grief any protected area in the mining world (which can include protected warps and the main Mining World spawn) is not allowed.
    • Rising rules apply to all areas of the mining world, including trolling rules.
      • As the mining world is not PvP enabled, this includes rules about attempts to kill players in this world, no matter what the reason.
    • Please keep in mind that the mining world does not allow LWC locks, and therefore anything you leave in chests in that world is free for all.

    Clause 2 - Nether & End(top)

    • The only rule regarding grief in the Nether and End is to leave spawn intact.
    • Although all users can use TNT in the Nether/End, doing so in a location which will affect spawn can and will result in the loss of Nether and/or End access.

    Section 7 - Supporter & Feature Rules(top)

    Clause 1: Teleport and Teleport Plus(top)

    • There is to be no abuse of our teleport feature.
    • If someone denied your request, do not spam them with further requests.
    • Do not teleport someone into a PvP area without previously informing them that the area is enabled as such.
    • There is to be no abuse of our teleport compass feature. If someone asks you to stay out of a specific area, such as their town, you are to obey their request.
    • The teleport feature is not to be used to access areas that you otherwise would not be able to access.

    Clause 2: Water and Pyro(top)

    • Users who have the water and pyro features are not allowed to grief with those items in protected zones, including any and all spawn areas.
    • This includes attempts to kill people with these perks in non-PvP areas.
    • If caught you will immediately have those features removed from you and will face punishment on our server. This can include a rollback of your actions and a possible ban.

    Clause 3: Stealth(top)

    • If you are asked by a staff member to undisguise momentarily you must obey the order. They will only ask you if deemed necessary.
    • Griefing while mob disguised will be treated the same as if you were not disguised. Our anti-grief tools will still detect this and you will still be logged.
    • Engaging in harassment or excessive stalking while mob disguised is against our rules. We have commands in place to detect this. If you are caught doing so you will be warned and punished as necessary.
    • You may not use mob disguise in order to PvP unless previously agreed upon by both parties.
      • Bypassing our rules against PvP in disguise by using potions is not allowed.

    Clause 4: Multihomes and /back(top)

    • Do not abuse your ability to set your homes or back command in order to enter an area that you are not welcomed in to.
    • This includes, but is not limited to, protected towns, harassing other users, etc.
    • Any user caught abusing said commands to harass/stalk or cause any sort of grief for another player may face severe consequences.

    Clause 5: Extended Creations(top)

    • Any user caught abusing bridges/doors/gates in anyway, such as killing unaware users in peaceful areas to steal items/harass players, will face punishment and have the feature immediately removed with no refund.
    • In addition anyone attempting to lag the server by constantly toggling bridges/doors/gates will face the same consequences with a most certain immediate ban.

    Clause 6: Extended Commands(top)

    • Any user caught abusing the powertool feature that is a part of this feature in any way, such as spamming "/powertool pay bob 1" constantly, will face punishment and have the feature immediately removed with no refund.
    • As well there is to be no command spamming, such as binding the repair hand command to a shovel and using it. You are constantly executing the command by doing this thus spamming the console/log files. Bind your command, use it when needed, and clear it or use a different tool.

    Clause 7: Investigator(top)

    • The staff/admins will never act upon any user's investigation. This is for your own personal needs as town owners; etc.
    • Submitting any of your own investigative information into any complaint/grief report will cause it to immediately be locked/ignored.
    • Any user caught trolling in any way using the investigator feature will have it removed from them immediately and may face a serious ban from the server. Staff can see vanished users and will act upon any trolling.

    Clause 8: Unlimited LWCs(top)

    • This feature is for players who have more locks/items than their rank allows. Using your LWC locks on items that are not yours for the intent of trolling is against the rules, and doing so excessively will earn you a ban.

    Clause 9: Nickname(+)(top)

    • There is to be no abuse of our Nickname or Nickname+ feature.
    • This includes, but is not limited to, having a nickname which:
      • Uses vulgar language,
      • Impersonates another player,
        • Note: Having the permission of the player who your nickname is impersonating does not allow you to use the nickname.
      • Amounts to harassment of another player,
      • Is blatantly spammy,
      • Anything else which the Staff team deem to be inappropriate.
    • Refusing to change your nickname when requested to do so by a member of Staff may result in further action being taken.
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