EcoCityCraft Network Economy

Oct 28, 2018
EcoCityCraft Network Economy

  • Forum Bank and the Network(top)

    On all the servers we add you will be able to use /bank withdraw (to take money out of your forum account and onto that server).

    NOTE: /bank withdraw will be disabled on the City Server until 10/27/19.

    On all the servers we add you will not be able to use /bank deposit (to put money back into your forum account).

    All servers will have a way to make ECD for the main server (via automated rewards that will continuously get added to your Forum Bank balance - just as how Skyblock rewards you with 10,000 ECD per 10 island levels - automatically).

    The reasoning for this is simple. Should any server have an exploitable way to generate a ton of that specific server's currency, we can prevent that currency making it's way onto the forum and later into the main server. Instead, all servers will automatically reward you in a controlled way.

    NOTE: This does not include the Vanilla MineRun Server.


    EcoCityCraft Prestige Levels introduce a multiplier for the /sell command only on the Main Server.

    Each level of Prestige increases the multiplier:
    • Prestige 1: 1.1x /sell multiplier
    • Prestige 2: 1.2x /sell multiplier
    • Prestige 3: 1.3x /sell multiplier
    • Prestige 4: 1.4x /sell multiplier
    • Prestige 5: 1.5x /sell multiplier

    As there are only 5 prestige levels, the maximum multiplier is 1.5x.
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