EcoCityCraft Network Economy

Mar 21, 2019
EcoCityCraft Network Economy

  • Forum Bank and the Network(top)

    On all the servers we add you will be able to use /bank withdraw to take money from your forums account and into that server (with the exception of Vanilla MineRun).

    On all the servers we add you will not be able to use /bank deposit to put money back into your forums account.

    All servers will have a way to make ECD for the Main City Server (with the exception of Skyblock).

    The reasoning for this is simple. Should any server have an exploitable way to generate a ton of that specific server's currency, we can prevent that currency making it's way onto the forums and later into the Main City Server. Instead, all servers will reward you in a controlled way.


    EcoCityCraft Prestige Levels introduce a multiplier for the /sell command only on the Main City Server.

    Each level of Prestige increases the multiplier:
    • Prestige 1: 1.05x worth value
    • Prestige 2: 1.10x worth value
    • Prestige 3: 1.15x worth value
    • Prestige 4: 1.20x worth value
    • Prestige 5: 1.25x worth value
    • Prestige 6: 1.30x worth value
    • Prestige 7: 1.35x worth value
    • Prestige 8: 1.40x worth value
    • Prestige 9: 1.45x worth value
    • Prestige 10: 1.50x worth value
    The maximum multiplier is 1.5x at Prestige Level 10.
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