Discord Rules

Aug 28, 2019
Discord Rules

  • General Discord Rules(top)

    Be Respectful(top)

    We expect each and every member of our discord to treat each other with only the utmost respect and courtesy. In practice, this means don't be obnoxious and use your common sense. Doing annoying stuff like spamming or making loud/obnoxious sounds on your mic won't be tolerated. The same goes for actions that intentionally make others uncomfortable, such as excessive vulgarity or harassment. In short, we expect you to use your brain and be nice to others. That shouldn't be too hard to do.

    Follow the Minecraft Server's Rules(top)

    EcoCityCraft is a Minecraft server first and foremost and its other platforms, whether it be the forums or this discord server, revolve around that. As such, we expect all users to avoid encouraging or engaging in explicit discussion that violates, or of things that do violate, the rules of the actual Minecraft server. This encompasses any and all discussion of hacked clients, server exploits, etc.

    You can refer to the Network Rules here: https://ecocitycraft.com/forum/wiki/server-rules/

    Stay Safe on Discord(top)

    Discord is a massive platform that encompasses countless different users and servers. ECC is merely one of the many of those countless servers out there and we are not responsible for anything that happens on Discord outside of this server. This includes direct messages that may be from users who are on the ECC server. We instead recommend users utilize the "Block" feature and ensure they set "safer" direct messaging settings (This can be toggled via the "Privacy & Safety" on your Discord settings), in addition to reporting any illicit activity that may occur outside the server to Discord themselves.
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