Main Network Rules - Historical

Applied By UnitedStates2: Feb 14, 2020 at 3:21 PM

Main Network Rules

Section 1 - General Gameplay Rules(top)

Clause 1 - Building Rules(top)

Clause 1.1 - Disallowed Structures(top)

There are several disallowed structures on this server, which are prohibited even in the wild - These include, but are not limited to:

  • Continuous redstone clocks are not allowed. Temporary, small redstone clocks are fine so long as they are only used for a short period at a time.
  • Farms that operate by means of Redstone Lamps or turning off the lights in order to break crops (aka. "Light farming")
  • Large passive mob farms (usually over 30 mobs) or any large collection of passive mobs are strictly forbidden.
  • More than 20 decorative head blocks in a chunk. This extends from bedrock to sky-limit in the chunk.
    • A chunk is defined as a 16x16 section of blocks. You can use the F3+G hotkey combination to view your chunk borders to determine where they are to assist you in abiding by this rule.

Clause 1.2 - Spawn Shops(top)

  • Spawn Shops are server-owned shop plots that have their own entrance leading from spawn directly to the shopping area.
  • A minimum of 10 chest shops must be in your store area.
    • If after 2 weeks of rental you have not placed the minimum chest shops then you risk losing the shop.
  • There are a few materials that cannot be placed in spawn shops:
    • No lava, fire, water, horses, natural trees, or vines
    • No working redstone (Including active music notes and power redstone lamps.)

Clause 1.3 - Locks and Protection(top)

  • You cannot build a house out of or protect a house with anything that is considered a tile entity, or otherwise have a massive number of any of these items in an area for purposes other than their general intended purpose within Minecraft game play.
  • Tile entities include (but may not be limited to based on future Minecraft updates): Furnaces, Signs, Enchanting Tables, Brewing Stands, Chests, and Noteblocks.
  • You are still allowed to use these blocks for their general purpose.
  • If you need to protect a building in any of the methods that using any of these blocks used to be used for, you are now able to lock Obsidian in replacement for these tile entities. Please note that this is still limited to the number of LWCs you have available.

Clause 2 - Player vs. Player (PvP)(top)

  • When you enter a PvP zone, you do so at your own risk. You can die at any point and anyone can pick up your items if you do. They are not and will never be required to give them back.
  • Staff will not take any action or refund any items in any case of you dying in a PvP area, unless feature abuse was involved. Staff will still not refund anything lost in these scenarios.
  • These rules apply to Rising PvP arenas, the Nether and the End.

Clause 3 - Theft and Safety(top)

  • It is your responsibility to ensure your items remain in your possession.
    • This can be done by keeping items on your person, in an enderchest, or in chests LWC-Protected to yourself.
  • It is legal to take from unlocked chests.
  • If you modify someone else to allow them access to a chest, they are allowed to take any of the contents unless it is part of an agreement or contract. Be cautious when allowing others access to your chests.
  • We offer the ability to set 'ownership' of items. See Section 3, Clause 3 for more details.

Section 2 - Economy and Transactions(top)

Clause 1 - Item Ownership(top)

  • You may designate an item as yours with our /own command.
    • This only works for items that have a durability.
  • Items that have a designated ownership belong to that player no matter how they have been obtained after the ownership has been set.
    • Staff may require you to return an owned item to its designated owner should one be found in your possession.
    • In the case of loaning an item, the designated owner waives the right to reclaim the item for the duration of the loan, so long as the renter can provide sufficient evidence that they are legally borrowing the item.
  • Setting the ownership of an item that is not yours is not allowed.
    • This includes completing an ownership trade of an item without fulfilling your end of the deal.
    • This can result in an investigation, and a ban if found guilty.
  • If you are selling an item you are the designated owner of, you must transfer ownership to the receiving player.
    • Not doing so will be considered scamming.
  • We allow the trading of items with 'invalid ownership', meaning where the seller is not the designated owner of the item.
    • In these cases, the seller needs to get the buyer to acknowledge that the ownership is invalid before the trade is performed.
    • The designated owner is still able to reclaim the item after one of these trades.
    • The purchase of these items is entirely at your own risk.
      • The seller of the item will not be held responsible for losses incurred due to reclaimed items unless it is deemed that the seller sold the item with malicious intent.
    • Staff will not assist you in becoming the designated owner in these cases.
  • You will be required to know your item ID # displayed on your tool and send it to a ServerAdmin for any investigation.

Clause 2 - Player-Run Casinos(top)

  • Casino rules must be visibly displayed for public view via signs in front of the relevant gambling machines. The rules on the signs are the rules of the game, unless specifically agreed otherwise.
  • All dispensers must be publicly viewable to all via LWC display (use /cdisplay).

Section 3 - Towns, Nations and Property(top)

Clause 1 - Town Ownership and Town Residency(top)

  • Mayors may remove anyone from their towns for any reason, as outlined in Clause 3 - Seizure of Property.
  • There are different terms of ownership, with different legal rights.
    • Official Owner: The player who currently owns the town as stated in the town application. This is either the original applicant or the player listed as "New Owner" in the town application. Only the official owner is able to file town feature applications.
    • Legal Owner: The owner of the town as defined by agreement (contract, in game agreement, etc.) with the Official Owner of the town.
      • There can be more than one Legal Owner per town (2 equal owners for example). This must be clearly expressed in the agreement.
      • A contract is by far the most reliable method of transferring legal ownership of a town and is the best way to prove that you are the Legal Owner.
    • Co-Owner/Co-Mayor: Added to the town but not legal owner. Powers are defined by the legal owner of a town.
  • Note: The town mayor may be either the official owner or a legal owner. It is whoever is currently in charge of the town.
  • An Official Owner may contact a GameAdmin+ after 5 days of selling or giving away a town to have the town returned to them.

Clause 2 - Claiming and Zoning Laws(top)

  • There is no unofficial land claiming. The only way to claim land is to apply for a protected town/nation by applying for a town with a Mayor, President or Additional Town Application, dependent on your rank.
  • When placing a town, you must be at least 15 blocks away from any other town on all sides of your town
    • The exception to this is if you receive a neighbouring town owner’s permission by means of them posting in your application thread, in which case you may place your towns within 15 blocks of their town. You must receive permission from every town owner that you are within 15 blocks of.
    • Any owner of the town may give zoning permission.
  • Failure to abide by the zoning laws will result in your application being denied.

Clause 3 - Seizure of Property & 3 Day Eviction Notices(top)

  • Town mayors may evict any member at any time. A 3 day eviction notice must be provided, except in the following cases:
    • A player who has been offline for at least 7 days.
    • A player who has been found to have griefed the town.
      • In this case a grief report must be filed within 24 hours of the removal.
      • If the grief is minor, a request to remove protections must still be sent to the evicted player.
    • A player who has been hired for a specific purpose when no longer needed.
  • If an eviction notice is issued, it must:
    • Include the town name.
    • Include a request to remove protections, if applicable.
    • Be issued via:
      • A tag in the Forum Evictions Section
      • /pm or Forum PM
      • /mail
      • /mailregion
        • in which case it is only valid if the player logs in after the mail notice has been sent.
  • Town owners may request staff remove the LWC Protections or Chestshops of evicted players. All requests are subject to our Protection Removal Guidelines in the staff request forum.

Clause 4 - Town Transfers & Town Claims(top)

  • There are currently two ways of changing the official owner of a town. A Town Transfer may be used, or a Tycoon+ may use an available Town Claim under any of the following circumstances:
  • Town Claim Only:
    • The owners of the town are offline for a minimum of 6 months.
    • The owners of the town are permanently banned from the server, and a period of 7 days has passed since the ban was issued.
  • Town Transfer or Town Claim:
    • The owners of the town have signed and consented to the sale/transfer of a town officially.
    • When a user transfers or claims a town, the former Official Owner loses all rights to the town and its ownership. The applicant becomes the Official Owner, and may apply for town features and have all the other benefits associated with being the Official Owner. This will not be reversed under any circumstances.
    • If you recieve another user’s town without a Town Claim or Town Transfer, be wary that the Official Owner may contact a GameAdmin+ after 5 days of you recieving the town to have the town returned to them.

Section 5 - Unfair Play(top)

Clause 1 - Multiple Accounts(top)

  • An individual person playing on multiple accounts is allowed as long as no financial benefits arise from doing so, and no accounts belonging to that player are banned.
  • Alternate accounts are not allowed to rank up past Resident or own towns.
  • Your "main" account is the account that has been used on EcoCityCraft for the longest period of time, and that you are mostly known for. If you do not understand this part of the rule, it's best to simply avoid any interactions between accounts. This rule is enforced completely at staff's discretion.
  • Direct or indirect transactions (via /pay, Chestshops, etc) are not allowed if they are financially benefiting your main account.
  • If you have another account you wish to play on, and make money with, it cannot be used to fund your main accounts.

Section 6 - World-Specific Rules(top)

Clause 1 - Mining World(top)

  • Using any means (including water and fire/lava) to grief any protected area in the mining world (which can include protected warps and the main Mining World spawn) is not allowed.
  • Rising rules apply to all areas of the mining world, including trolling rules.
    • As the mining world is not PvP enabled, this includes rules about attempts to kill players in this world, no matter what the reason.

Clause 2 - Nether & End(top)

  • The only rule regarding grief in the Nether and End is to leave spawn intact.