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    Oct 3, 2011
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    Yes, I'm Mayor

    Do you have the applicable fee for your cut:
    I Believe So.

    Why would you like this area cut?:
    Another stupid reed farm. (There's too many but this ones going to be private and not sold to players)

    Are you the owner of this area and do you realize that attempting to world-edit another users area risks a permanent ban from EcoCityCraft?:

    Post 1
    : X : -1310
    : Y : 58
    : Z : 2733

    Post 2
    : X : -1431
    : Y : 62
    : Z : 2635

    Notes :
    I'm trying to put it right under the stone blocks *I DON'T WANT THE STONE REMOVED* and i want it to go down 4 blocks. I BELIEVE I've got these marked out via signs.

    The bulk of the land where I'm getting this world cut is flat, i need it to be 1 deep water on this flat area please.

    Please Note i need all the water removed. I'm world editing mostly WATER. So just changing all the blocks to Zero might not work.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.