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    Theme Change + Rare Kits Reset!
    Use "/server vmr" or visit the lobby to access the VMR portal.



    ECC 2.0!

    Specialty theme by EcoCityCraft.
    Winners of this week's challenge will receive the following along side the standard VMR rewards!​

    1st: 3 GodDrops!
    2nd: 2 GodDrops!
    3rd: 1 GodDrop!
    4th: 200,000 EcoDollars!
    5th: 100,000 EcoDollars!
    6th-10th: 50,000 EcoDollars!

    Sale prices are as follows:
    Main server prices!

    Leader boards can be found here:
    Main news post regarding release/more information can be found here.
    Don't forget to use your free /kit rare as well as any other rare kits you own as they reset on VMR reset!
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