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    -=-=- Hellow and greeting everyone! -=-=-

    This thread might be a little much to read but stick with me here. Recently i Grfff3 became co-owner of a farm called DeathFarm. The Owner is Jakethelion and we're looking for supporters of our development. The farm is 200x200 blocks wide and every 200x200 floor contains 1 sort of plant. Right now we are planning to finish the melon floor as soon as we can, don't be mistaken you can already farm more melon than you can grab before it regrows but we're still expanding to support more people. Our goal is to create a huge tower with a floor for every plant species. Right now all we have is nearly nobody harvesting but the owners for seeds to create more farms so you will be able to freely grab as much as you can all on your own without competition. Now we also have the entire netherstalk farm floor done and on about half with the melon floor. The more people buying permissions and donating the faster we can work since we might even hire some people to help (NOTE: if you buy permissions to harvest you can also get paid back by us for helping us expand). Both me and Jakethelion are happy to assist you in showing you around the farm and showing you the portal location. Saying that means WE HAVE A PORTAL TO THE FARM.

    That outta the way let's go to the business part.
    -7k ecomoneys to buy permissions to harvest the farm forever (so also when the farm has expanded)
    -Donations of any size are always very welcome!
    -You don't have to be permitted to donate in money
    -Helping us out with building for free would be greatly appreciated but can only be done after buying permission
    -You cannot pay in terms

    Please contact us on this thread or in the server to join us in our development just post a comment down below or a pm when we are online.

    Thank you all for reading! sweet kisses and goodnight!

    PS: The only way to get permissions to the farm is to contact me Grfff3 or Jakethelion. If anyone tells you otherwise it's probably a scam! We are not responsible for this happening.
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