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    Oct 12, 2011
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    IGN: Ummmmm0k
    Are you a Resident: Yes
    Do you have the applicable fee for your town: Yes
    Have you built/started some sort of town? / What is the town name: I have marked the corners. I'm going to start work on my reed farm and other buildings once its protected. Name= PrestigeWW. Which stands for Prestige World Wide. (movie reference)
    What is the size of your town (Between 100x100 - 200x200): 200x200
    Are your town posts set and what are the [x] [y] [z] co-ordinates of all posts: Yes
    Post A: -84, 65, 306
    Post B: 116, 65, 306
    Post C: 116, 65, 506
    Post D: -84, 65, 506
    Additional information about your town: I plan on building some very cool building and monuments as well as a reed farm and melon farm. I also have an idea for a pvp arena.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.