The BEST Way I Think To Keep ECC On Top In Minestatus

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by mackbmx123, Jul 7, 2011.

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    As most of you know recently been signed up for

    And i think theres a great way for us to keep going and stay on the top 10! Some people on the server have Ipods,Ipads,several computers,phones and Ect. That they can access the internet. By that you dont need a account to vote for the server :) So that means insted of waiting 24 hours just to vote ONCE we can go on the internet with our other wifi devices and vote for the server from there too! Like for me, I have a ipod touch and my laptop and my parents each have there own ipad, so Thats 4 votes in one day there! Im not sure if this is known as "CHEATING" But i just realized it would be a great way to get us on top?

    Thanks Mackbmx123