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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by dylnordstrom, Jul 18, 2011.

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    I know already that to have a personalized Town Greeting you have to apply in the "Town Features" and pay.


    I had an idea... or more of an annoyance... or more of a thought of others.
    I know alot of people do cave exploring, and also that some people towns are not clearly defined yet (no walls, etc), and people will wander into those protected areas without knowing it (especially if they are underground). Or maybe they go into the town, but they don't know what the name is (and there might not be others that know either -> this happens to me alot... especially when I first started), and want to know to try to be part of it, or whatever.
    I was just thinking that for the towns, there could be VERY basic greeting that comes along w/ the price that we pay for the township. Something just like the name (EX: "SOULWOOD", "ATHENS", "AURORA" -> just like the "**spawn"). Nothing fancy, just telling you where you are, so if they want to know more, they're able to do the /region info command or go to the forums to learn more about it.
    Then, the personalized greeting will still be in place for people that want to make their greeting/town standout.

    Just an idea :)