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    General Questions

    What is your Minecraft username?

    What are your in-game ranks?
    I am a president, and a voyager. I also have been playing on the EcoCityCraft Server since September 29 of 2019

    How old are you?
    I am 13
    When did you join EcoCityCraft?
    I joined EcoCityCraft on September 29th of 2019

    What time-zone are you in?
    Eastern Daylight time
    What time of the day do you usually play?
    I play every day, usually from 2:30 to 5:0 on weekdays. On weekends I usually play for 4 hours throughout the day.

    Main Questions

    In your opinion, what is the purpose of Moderators on EcoCityCraft?
    I believe that they are used for keeping the server in order, and to clear it of hackers and other nuisances. Also, they help every player in whatever they need. For example, how to go to mining. I would say "(Name) do /warp mining"
    Why do you want to be a Moderator?
    Because while playing on the EcoCityCraft Server, I noticed that there are a small number of moderators compared to players online. By becoming a moderator, I can make the team bigger, and more people can help at the same time than before
    Do you have any experience in moderating Xenforo forums or Minecraft servers?
    No. But this can be a good learning experience for me.

    How have you been helping the community grow bigger and better?
    I have been advertising the server to all my friends at school, and whenever somebody is asking for a good server for Minecraft, EcoCityCraft is always my number 1 answer.
    The staff team is always changing and improving. If you become a staff member, what is one thing you would like to change about the staff team?
    I wouldn't change much, the staff team is mostly perfect how it is now.
    What specifically do you think puts you above the other applicants?
    I already help new people to the server on how to use commands on the EcoCityCraft Server.
    Why do you think that you may not be picked?
    From my past in spamming chat. But if I ever get picked, This behavior will be ended and I will try to be the best Moderator I can possibly be.

    Hypothetical Questions

    A new user logs on and immediately starts being inappropriate in chat. What would be your first action in this situation?
    I would give the player a warning. I would also tell the player that we do not tolerate the lack of disrespect on the EcoCityCraft Server
    A user is visiting a player shop and is confused on how to read and use the Chestshop signs. What would you do in this situation?
    I would teach them about the controls used for using the shop, if they still were having trouble i might tpa to them to teach them
    A user starts talking in chat and they appear to be quite upset. It appears their permissions have been removed from the town they were currently living in. How would you approach this situation?
    I would let them know about what happened after talking to the owner of the town, then i might persuade the owner to give the player another chance in the town
    New players often ask about how to claim land. What would be your response to this question?
    I could teach them about the command /help land. If they don't understand I might pm them about the ranks needed to perform such tasks
    A user asks what "Main North" is and how do they play on it. How would you answer?
    I would tell them that the main north is another ecocitycraft server. And I would teach them about transfer swords and how to obtain them.
    A new user is unsure how to get started and is spamming chat asking for help. What would you say or do to help this user?
    I would teach the user the gist of how to start mining and making money, and once they are ready, I will let them start mining on their own
    A user kills another player in SG and proceeds to brag about how "easy" the kill was in chat. The two users then proceed to fill up global chat with a back and forth of insults and trash-talk. When another user complains, the two users respond by insisting that it's just "SG banter". How would you handle the situation?
    I would start by telling them to speak in the /ch sg channel, then if that doesn't work I might have to give them a short mute for spam
    A new user logs on and asks about what version the server is running on. How would you answer this question?
    I would answer by saying the main server runs on 1.13.2 but the lobby runs on any version, so if they were in 1.8 I would tell them to launch the launcher and change the version to 1.13.2 or more.
    If a new user is asking about how to rank up and apply then how would you go about assisting them?
    I would teach them that to rank up you need to have sufficient funds in your balance, and if they did I would link them to the ranks tab on the EcoCityCraft Website
    A user logs onto the Lobby server and asks how to start an island. How would you answer them?
    I would tell them to join the /sb server, then I would tell them to do /island to create a new SkyBlock island.
    Former Staff Questions

    (If you have never been on the staff team, you may leave these questions blank)

    When were you last on the staff team and how long were you a staff member?

    What was your highest rank on the staff team?

    What was your favorite part about being a staff member for EcoCityCraft?

    If you were to return to the staff team, what would you do differently?

    Other Questions

    Do you consider yourself a risk taker?
    No. I am usually quiet.
    Do you consider yourself a leader?
    How do you manage stress?
    I usually take a deep breath and try to stay calm
    Finally, is there anything else you would like to add?
    I would like to say thank you for giving me this opportunity
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    +1 Consistently active on ECC and just a kind and nice player in general. He's on my team as many of you may know and I have to honestly say he's the most active and engages with the team very well. He may say he's quite quiet in his application, but he has fantastic people skills and is just a likeable person in general. I wish you luck with your application!
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    Thanks mate!