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    General Questions

    What is your Minecraft username?

    What are your in-game ranks?

    How old are you?

    When did you join EcoCityCraft?
    May 1st, 2013

    What time-zone are you in?
    Eastern Standard Time

    What time of the day do you usually play?
    I play evenings to late nights on weekdays and play a lot more on weekends. I tend to cover both peak and off-peak.

    Main Questions

    In your opinion, what is the purpose of Moderators on EcoCityCraft?
    Moderators are meant to serve the people and maintain a generally friendly and amiable environment on EcoCityCraft. Not only are they meant to enforce rules and keep up to date with forum work so that the progress of players' actions are approved, but they also act as mentors for new and old returning members of the server, as well as a role model for ECC.

    Why do you want to be a Moderator?
    I want to further help users through the staff perspective, and contribute my ideas to strengthen our already tight-knit community. Being on ECC for so long, it's been a large part of my life and I want to help improve it further by interacting with players both old and new, and just chill with the players on the online community I've come to love for years.

    Do you have any experience in moderating Xenforo forums or Minecraft servers?
    I was previously a moderator on EcoCityCraft a few years ago during two separate periods of time.

    How have you been helping the community grow bigger and better?
    During my time currently, I've spent it just having fun with various users, both in small interactions and drawn out conversations. In my opinion, even the smallest things can make the largest impact and just maintaining a positive and friendly attitude while striving to make connections with others is something I've oriented myself towards. Active conversation includes answering questions and helping both new and old players familiarize themselves with ECC! I'm also working towards making a quaint town with prebuilt and a farm and once it's up and running, open it to players to use and live in.

    The staff team is always changing and improving. If you become a staff member, what is one thing you would like to change about the staff team?
    The staff team is quite fine as is, but I would like to help the staff team in new ideas for server events and such to make the community much more enjoyable, whether it be planning events or just having fun in chat. Initiatives like the featured town competition could be revived. One thing I see during off-peak sometimes is the lack of answering questions in chat and general disengagement from chat. I know staff is generally very active but helping out in making sure this is done with a positive mindset is something I could help bring to light.

    What specifically do you think puts you above the other applicants?
    Overall, I think that I am not "above other users" but do believe I have several attributes that would be highly favorable assets to the staff team. I have a strong determination to benefit and help all members of the community. I respect others quite well, following that I would treat others the way I would like other to treat me, recompensed in the same respect. I follow the rules and have reread them, some times very recently to update myself on the ever-changing rules. I have a friendly, reserved, and responsible personality which would aid me in becoming a Moderator, and I am mature and can stand up for others. Lastly, I put my best effort in everything I do, and am quite active on the forums to assist users both ingame and on the forums in situations. I have also been a Moderator for ECC several times and can provide my experience as a benefit in that regard.

    Why do you think that you may not be picked?
    The second time I was staff in 2016 I don't believe I did all I could to help out, and felt I could have done more. However, as time has passed since then, I feel I have gained more maturity and apply for positions with the intention to carry out responsibilities to the fullest, and the same goes for ECC.

    Hypothetical Questions

    A new user logs on and immediately starts being inappropriate in chat. What would be your first action in this situation?
    First off, I would handle this situation by asking the user to calm down, and that using inappropriate language is going to get them nowhere. This would be an attempt to prevent further punishment. If they still continue to use inappropriate language, a kick may be issued. If it gets to the point where it is truly unbearable, further action may be taken due to the severity of the language, or a mute based on extreme severity.

    A user is visiting a player shop and is confused on how to read and use the Chestshop signs. What would you do in this situation?
    I would approach the user and explain using visuals how to use the Chestshop signs, perhaps asking to teleport to them so I can better assist them. The first line would be the shop owner's name, second line would be the number of units being sold. The third line is the buy or sell price based on the letter to the left of the number. The last line is the item name. Telling the user to right click for purchasing from the shop, and left click to sell to the shop, would be the last thing I would tell the user.

    A user starts talking in chat and they appear to be quite upset. It appears their permissions have been removed from the town they were currently living in. How would you approach this situation?
    I would first teleport to the user, and provide some words of comfort. I would then ask the user if he had been evicted properly, being given an eviction notice by the town owner and elapsing 7 days. If 'yes', then I would let them know that they had been legally removed from the town. However, if this was not the case, I would start a dialogue between the user and the town owner to determine a course of action. The user would need time to clear their things if the owner still feels the user should leave. If I am able to provide assistance for the user to find a new town, I would offer that additional level of service.

    New players often ask about how to claim land. What would be your response to this question?
    I would tell them that users who are Mayors often sell plots of land in their town, and that they could ask to join a town in the trade chat. However, if they wish to have their own town, I would explain that they would need to obtain the Resident rank first, costing 15k, and an additional 85k for the Mayor rank. For future reference, I would also direct the user to use /help land.

    A user asks what "Main North" is and how do they play on it. How would you answer?
    I would explain to the user that Main North is our secondary server intended for managing the overflow of the main server. Furthermore, it is a server with a transferable balance between main and main north, although items and worlds are different. To play on the server, I would direct them to type the command /mn to access the server, and ask them to utilize the tab function for future shortcuts on accessing the remainder of the servers.

    A new user is unsure how to get started and is spamming chat asking for help. What would you say or do to help this user?
    I would welcome the new user and remind the user not to spam. I would then inform them of our various ranks, using the command "/help ranks" to elaborate. I would direct them to the tutorial at spawn, and advise them to read through to clear any questions he or she may have. Furthermore, I would converse with the new user through asking them to private message me in-game, to answer specific questions he or she may have. Additionally, I would inform him or her of the various worlds ECC has, and direct them to the forums where he or she can extend her ECC playing experience through being able to apply for ranks, town features, medals, etc. Any further questions afterward I would be available to answer as well.

    A user kills another player in SG and proceeds to brag about how "easy" the kill was in chat. The two users then proceed to fill up global chat with a back and forth of insults and trash-talk. When another user complains, the two users respond by insisting that it's just "SG banter". How would you handle the situation?
    I would first ask both users to calm down and ask them to stop the trash talk in global, and limit it to PM or local chat. However, insults would have taken it too far and I would have warned them to stop. It would have been even more necessary if they had started to use inappropriate language towards each other.

    A new user logs on and asks about what version the server is running on. How would you answer this question?
    I would inform them that the server is running on 1.13.2, but 1.14.+ clients can join. Skyblock is running on version 1.12.

    If a new user is asking about how to rank up and apply then how would you go about assisting them?
    I would explain to them that our server handles rank up on the main server through exchanging EcoDollars for ranks, and applications are done through forum posts on our server's website. I would then direct them to creating an account for the forum as well as directing them to apply for the builder bonus to get started on potentially ranking up. I would also direct them to use the /help ranks command for future reference.

    A user logs onto the Lobby server and asks how to start an island. How would you answer them?
    I would direct them to the skyblock server by asking them to type the command /skyblock, and then ask them to type the command /island. For future reference and more commands, I would direct them to use /island help while on the skyblock server.

    Former Staff Questions

    When were you last on the staff team and how long were you a staff member?
    In 2016 I was staff for 7 months, and before that I was staff for about 5 months in 2015.

    What was your highest rank on the staff team?

    What was your favorite part about being a staff member for EcoCityCraft?
    I met a great group of people while on staff and being able to help a community beyond what a general player could do was really rewarding for me. Meeting different users with unique personalities and mindsets was something I always loved to do as well.

    If you were to return to the staff team, what would you do differently?
    I applied for the staff team now only after I was sure I could meet the time commitment required for staff. I believe, in contrast to before, that I am more intentional with my actions and thoughtful about what I do while on staff. I have much more life experience as I'm older now, and think it would be a beneficial asset to me in my work and interactions with others; whether I am chosen to return to the staff team or not.

    Other Questions

    Do you consider yourself a risk taker?
    I take planned and tactical risks; however, I think I'm more laid back than I was before.

    Do you consider yourself a leader?
    There is always a time and place when one should lead and when one should step down for others. I consider myself a leader based on my life experiences and the leadership roles I have both created for myself through establishing organizations as well as winning elections, demonstrating my ability to lead people.

    How do you manage stress?
    I read books and articles a lot! As well as watching tv, playing video games, working out, trying out new hobbies. I also hang out with friends a lot more and keep making the effort to do the same while on ECC.

    Finally, is there anything else you would like to add?
    Thanks for reading and considering my application!
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    Such a nice player! Has been playing ECC for years, and never assumes gender while talking to players and is very inclusive!

    An incredible candidate for staff!

    Best of luck,
    - icon <3
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    +1 would make a great staff member again gl.
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    +1 Would do a spectacular job on the team.
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