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    General Questions

    What is your Minecraft username?

    What are your in-game ranks?
    Mayor, VoidWalker

    How old are you?

    When did you join EcoCityCraft?
    My member page says December 4th of 2013. I joined roughly in the summer of 2013, mainly to play Survival Games. Around the time I joined the forums is when I started playing on the server for real.

    What time-zone are you in?

    What time of the day do you usually play?
    Most of my play time is during the weekend, since during the week I'm usually busy working or going to school. I do try and play during the weekdays, but I can't provide a schedule of my play time since how long I work on a day varies on how much work there is to do.

    Main Questions

    In your opinion, what is the purpose of Moderators on EcoCityCraft?
    Moderators on EcoCityCraft are there to keep it fair and fun for everyone by enforcing the rules.They're there to assist users with things relating to applications, contracts, grief reports, etc. if they require it. Also to answer any questions users may have about anything in-game.

    Why do you want to be a Moderator?
    This community has been the most accepting community I've come across. I'd love to do anything I can to keep it like that. I hope I can help with giving others the same great experience I've had on EcoCityCraft.

    Do you have any experience in moderating Xenforo forums or Minecraft servers?

    How have you been helping the community grow bigger and better?
    There's not much one person can do to make a community better, but I've tried to help out as much as I can. If someone asked for an e-repair, I'd be there. I'm always happy to answer questions people have about EcoCityCraft or the game itself. I've recommended friends to come to this server as well.

    The staff team is always changing and improving. If you become a staff member, what is one thing you would like to change about the staff team?
    Currently haven't seen any dysfunction or any other issue in the staff team. Maybe since I'm seeing it from the outside, but I wouldn't know.

    What specifically do you think puts you above the other applicants?
    I don't believe I'm a better human than anyone else, but when it comes to EcoCityCraft, I've had about 4 years of experience playing. I know the rules very well. I consider myself to be a friendly person who's open to a lot.

    Why do you think that you may not be picked?
    I can't think of anything related to EcoCityCraft that I should change to become better at the moment.

    Hypothetical Questions

    A new user logs on and immediately starts being inappropriate in chat. What would be your first action in this situation?
    I would tell this user that we do not accept that kind of language on the server and ask them to stop.

    A user is visiting a player shop and is confused on how to read and use the Chestshop signs. What would you do in this situation?
    I would tell this user about how a Chestshop is setup. The first line being the username, the second line being the amount of items you're buying/selling, the third line saying whether you can sell and/or buy there and how much ECD for and the forth line being the item in question.

    A user starts talking in chat and they appear to be quite upset. It appears their permissions have been removed from the town they were currently living in. How would you approach this situation?
    I would ask this user how long they've been offline.
    If they've been offline for more than 7 days I would tell them that sadly their property was seized by the town owner and that he could try to get in contact with the town owner to see if he could get his stuff back.
    If they haven't been offline for more than 7 days and they didn't get an eviction notice, I would tell them to file a complaint on the forums.

    New players often ask about how to claim land. What would be your response to this question?
    I would tell these new players that you can claim up to 200x200 when ranking up to the Mayor rank, but that you'd need to rank up to Resident first and refer them to /help ranks.

    A user asks what "Main North" is and how do they play on it. How would you answer?
    I would respond with that Main North is a secondary server to the Main server and they can access this server by doing /mainnorth.

    A new user is unsure how to get started and is spamming chat asking for help. What would you say or do to help this user?
    I would tell this user to stop spamming, then I would proceed to tell them they can do /kit starter to get some tools to get started. I would tell them it's best they go to /warp mining to start mining and sell the stuff they mine, either with /sell hand, to other players at the market or via auction. I would also advise them about the 5,000ECD start-up bonus they can get on the forums and to message me if they have any other questions.

    A user kills another player in SG and proceeds to brag about how "easy" the kill was in chat. The two users then proceed to fill up global chat with a back and forth of insults and trash-talk. When another user complains, the two users respond by insisting that it's just "SG banter". How would you handle the situation?
    I would tell these two users that they can go into /ch sg if they want to talk about anything SG-related, and also tell them they should stop this 'SG-banter' since we should treat other users with respect.

    A new user logs on and asks about what version the server is running on. How would you answer this question?
    I would tell them that most of the servers within the network are running on 1.13.2, and for the best experience could better join with that version, but that you can join with any version above 1.13.2.

    If a new user is asking about how to rank up and apply then how would you go about assisting them?
    I would tell this user that he can apply for ranks on the forums, and that the first rank after Builder is Resident and it costs 15,000ECD to rank up to this rank. I would give them the link where they have to apply, but tell them they first need to make a forum account with their username.

    A user logs onto the Lobby server and asks how to start an island. How would you answer them?
    I would tell this user that they need to join Skyblock first by doing /skyblock. I would advise them to walk through and read the tutorial first and do /is where they can choose what type of island they want to begin.

    Former Staff Questions

    (If you have never been on the staff team, you may leave these questions blank)

    When were you last on the staff team and how long were you a staff member?

    What was your highest rank on the staff team?

    What was your favorite part about being a staff member for EcoCityCraft?

    If you were to return to the staff team, what would you do differently?

    Other Questions

    Do you consider yourself a risk taker?
    I decide to jump infront of forklifts sometimes just for the sake of speeding up work sometimes so I guess so.

    Do you consider yourself a leader?
    Not if I don't need to be, but I can be.

    How do you manage stress?
    Usually doesn't bother me as much. After a night of sleep or a nap it's usually gone.

    Finally, is there anything else you would like to add?
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    +1 Though sometimes loud a very loyal team member who is constantly already reminding me and wolf to follow the rules. He has helped me at times to keep my cool and put situations into a different perspective and made things not so bad. So thank you Adwarian and good luck with your application!
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