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    General Questions

    What is your Minecraft username?

    What are your in-game ranks?
    [President] [VIP+]

    How old are you?

    When did you join EcoCityCraft?
    May 2012

    What time-zone are you in?
    GMT (UK)

    What time of the day do you usually play?
    It's spread out, I play evenly in the day and night, occasionally in the morning too. More on the weekends of course.

    Main Questions

    In your opinion, what is the purpose of Moderators on EcoCityCraft?
    I think the moderators maintain law and order, and ensure new players and current players are alright and have a nice experience on ECC.

    Why do you want to be a Moderator?
    I always want to help, especially for ECC which I have played on for years and feel that I owe something back.

    Do you have any experience in moderating Xenforo forums or Minecraft servers?

    How have you been helping the community grow bigger and better?
    I've been giving out plots to new players and going above and beyond by helping out with their issues and ensuring they have a nice start to ECC.

    The staff team is always changing and improving. If you become a staff member, what is one thing you would like to change about the staff team?
    Not much to be honest. However, I occasionally notice a lack of staff when I'm on (off-peak) in the mornings, so would love to help with that.

    What specifically do you think puts you above the other applicants?
    My experience on ECC and knowledge of the server.

    Why do you think that you may not be picked?
    I'm part of Xboy's Angels (I like to think I'm one of the non-toxic members...).

    Hypothetical Questions

    A new user logs on and immediately starts being inappropriate in chat. What would be your first action in this situation?
    I verbally warn them, and then proceed with further action if they persist.

    A user is visiting a player shop and is confused on how to read and use the Chestshop signs. What would you do in this situation?
    I would link them to the tutorials on the wiki, and then make sure they understand after that. If they don't I'll make sure I give them a hand.

    A user starts talking in chat and they appear to be quite upset. It appears their permissions have been removed from the town they were currently living in. How would you approach this situation?
    I would explain to them why they might have been removed, and then let them know that they can always ask the mayor of the town whether they have their things, but let them know (if it's legal) they can't really do much about it sadly.

    New players often ask about how to claim land. What would be your response to this question?
    I would let them know of the /help land command, and let them know at their current rank they're best off getting a plot in a town by going in /ch tr and asking for one. I would then tell them they can become a town owner if they are the rank Mayor.

    A user asks what "Main North" is and how do they play on it. How would you answer?
    I would firstly say it's an extension to the main server, but is its own server. I would tell them they can always transfer money to that server through the bank though. To get to it, I would tell them to type /mn.

    A new user is unsure how to get started and is spamming chat asking for help. What would you say or do to help this user?
    I would ask them firstly to stop spamming, and then ask them whether they have checked /tutorial. If so, I would advise them on how to start making money with the /help money command.

    A user kills another player in SG and proceeds to brag about how "easy" the kill was in chat. The two users then proceed to fill up global chat with a back and forth of insults and trash-talk. When another user complains, the two users respond by insisting that it's just "SG banter". How would you handle the situation?
    I would kindly ask them to leave their conversation in global, and go to a private chat channel or to simply stop talking to each other, and to also tell the player complaining that they can always do /ignore to stop listening to the two.

    A new user logs on and asks about what version the server is running on. How would you answer this question?
    I would tell them the main server runs on 1.13 but you can join on 1.14 still.

    If a new user is asking about how to rank up and apply then how would you go about assisting them?
    I would advise them to do /help [rank] (probably resident), and then tell them to follow the steps it gives you from the command, and on the forums.

    A user logs onto the Lobby server and asks how to start an island. How would you answer them?
    I would tell them to join /sb to get to the skyblock server, and then tell them to do /is.

    Former Staff Questions

    (If you have never been on the staff team, you may leave these questions blank)

    When were you last on the staff team and how long were you a staff member?

    What was your highest rank on the staff team?

    What was your favorite part about being a staff member for EcoCityCraft?

    If you were to return to the staff team, what would you do differently?

    Other Questions

    Do you consider yourself a risk taker?
    That entirely depends on the situation, and the risk.

    Do you consider yourself a leader?
    I certainly do.

    How do you manage stress?
    I do homework and listen to music.

    Finally, is there anything else you would like to add?
    Good luck to all other applicants! :)
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    +1 If it wasn't for this man I wouldve been banned many many more times than I already have and would've probably been perma perma banned by now.

    He constantly reminds me of the rules and I look for him for guidance very often.

    The first time I ever spoke to Sharpy was when I was struggling a lot whilst installing macromod so I asked him on ECC to help me and so he added me on Skype (which shows how long ago this was) and he showed me step by step what to do. This story just illustrates how caring and helpful he is.

    He is extremely knowledgable and knows ECC like the back of his hand (having been here for almost 7 years) I couldn't think of anyone better to put on staff really I was surprised when he told me he had never been on staff before because he most certainly deserves it.

    Good luck with your application!
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    Even though I have decided to rival the angels with my new clan, that doesn't mean I can't point out friendly and helpful faces from opposition. From one clan to another, you're a good candidate, and I wish you the best of luck on your application.