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    What is your Minecraft username?

    What are your in-game ranks?
    President, Survivor, Voyager
    How old are you?
    When did you join EcoCityCraft?
    Jul 13, 2012
    What time-zone are you in?
    MDT Mountain daylight time (Cannon AFB, NM)
    What time of the day do you usually play?
    Weekends 2-12hrs (anytime throughout the day or night), weekdays anywhere from 3-10pm mon-fri (Minimum of 2hrs)

    Main Questions

    In your opinion, what is the purpose of Moderators on EcoCityCraft?
    The Purpose is to Help players when they ask questions. with that, increasing the overall well being of the server. as well ask showing the light of the server to new players and showing the ropes.​

    Why do you want to be a Moderator?
    Because I enjoy getting new players started to begin with, on top of that I'm answering questions as often as I can already. plus I find myself on during the limited hours that mods aren't on very frequently

    Do you have any experience in moderating Xenforo forums or Minecraft servers?
    No experience in major servers or anything but I owned a server for roughly six months with my friends and we had over 50 players frequently on.

    How have you been helping the community grow bigger and better?
    I help the community as often as I can which includes, helping new players get started, answering questions when I'm available and doing odd jobs for players who can't find someone to do work as well as creating ways for new players to make money.

    The staff team is always changing and improving. If you become a staff member, what is one thing you would like to change about the staff team?
    Honest opinion staff does a great job, but there are times when staff isn't on to help during the off-peak hours and I would be there to fill that gap. I would also say that staff could do a better job explaining commands and what to do instead of just saying a command to type without a reason.

    What specifically do you think puts you above the other applicants?
    My availability is really open, I only have one obligation throughout the week and that is work. I also am fairly attentive of what's going on and message on the forums frequently to ensure everyone knows what's happening in the server.

    Why do you think that you may not be picked?
    My current lack of admin commands and sometimes I have a hard time remembering what needs to be done at times but I'm always a straight shooter and ready to learn.

    Hypothetical Questions

    A new user logs on and immediately starts being inappropriate in chat. What would be your first action in this situation?
    PM them and ask them to stop politely and tell them their behavior is inappropriate, and will not be tolerated on ECC (ensuring that they know that this is their first warning)

    A user is visiting a player shop and is confused on how to read and use the Chestshop signs. What would you do in this situation?
    Explain to them how chest shops work, in an easy to understand manner. and if they have any more questions that I don't know the answer to or can't help them with refer them to /help chestshop

    A user starts talking in chat and they appear to be quite upset. It appears their permissions have been removed from the town they were currently living in. How would you approach this situation?
    PM them to get an understanding of their situation, were they gone for over a week?, were they doing something against the rules in the town they were in? etc etc.. trying to get as much information as possible to see what my next move would be.

    New players often ask about how to claim land. What would be your response to this question?
    "in order to claim land you must be a mayor or be added to a town, you can be added to a town by asking anyone ranked mayor or higher for a plot, most people are willing to help out new players and often give plots for free, for information on the ranks system do /help ranks"

    A user asks what "Main North" is and how do they play on it. How would you answer?
    "do /mn to get to main north, its essentially main world but with more space throughout it and greater availability to do more things with that area."

    A new user is unsure how to get started and is spamming chat asking for help. What would you say or do to help this user?
    PM them and tell them about /tutorial in detail, while telling them about how to make money, the easiest ways early on being /warp mining, farming, and fishing and explaining how the ranks system works to give them something to work toward.

    A user kills another player in SG and proceeds to brag about how "easy" the kill was in chat. The two users then proceed to fill up global chat with a back and forth of insults and trash-talk. When another user complains, the two users respond by insisting that it's just "SG banter". How would you handle the situation?
    I would ask them to move the banter to /ch sg where they can say whatever they please or to refer them to another chat where nobody is on such as /ch fucker, explaining to them that their banter is not tolerated in global and any further disruption on global may result in a temp mute from global.

    A new user logs on and asks about what version the server is running on. How would you answer this question?
    "ECC's main and main north is Currently running on 1.13.2 but we've been notified we will be updating soon, in addition sgs is running on 1.8, also sky block and VMR on 1.12

    If a new user is asking about how to rank up and apply then how would you go about assisting them?
    Refer them to /help ranks and try to explain to them that the ranks must be purchased on the forums and in order, then give them a link to the forums and point them in the direction of rank applications as well as answer any questions they may have along with the perks of each rank.
    A user logs onto the Lobby server and asks how to start an island. How would you answer them?
    "To join the sky block server do /sb then do /is to start an island if you have any questions refer to /is help or message me or another staff member for more detailed answers"​
    Former Staff Questions

    Other Questions

    Do you consider yourself a risk taker?
    Not necessarily, i'm mostly by the book but occasionally do make stiff decisions based on a risk.

    Do you consider yourself a leader?
    Most Definitely, I'm currently in the Air Force running shift lead in my electrical shop. I was also The Captain of my Lacrosse team in high school and played on my starting football team.

    How do you manage stress?
    I Don't get stressed often, and when I do I get REALLY stressed so I take a short break from what I'm doing and come back to it level-headed

    Finally, is there anything else you would like to add?
    I've had a bad past on ECC before this year and would love to prove that I've matured greatly and that I fully support our community and I Love that my favorite server of all time is still running smooth. Also I know that this app isn't colorful or anything but I want to be a part of the staff team just as much as all the other applicants if not more.
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    +1 for Craved. He's always very nice and helpful, I think he helped me out a few times when I was new! His answers to the questions on the application are good, he'd make a great addition to staff :)