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    Our spring sale is now live!

    20/25/30/35% off sale is running!
    20% OFF All City EcoDollars/EXP
    25% OFF All City Features
    30% OFF Patron Rank
    35% OFF SkyBlock/VMR

    All purchases that total $200 or more, will qualify for big promotions!
    Must be purchased in one total payment (cart). You cannot add up purchases.
    - Forum promotion medal!
    - Free Forum Premium Upgrade! ($29.99 value)
    - Free Patron Rank! ($75.00 value)
    This promotion is not automatically applied to your account after your $200 (or more) purchase. Please give us 24-48 hours to apply this. Should you notice your wait time is longer, please send a forum pm to andrewkm.

    Sale Expires: During the second half of March.

    We've decided to launch our planned March spring sale early as we have quite a few advertising plans for March. As such our spring sale will run through the end of February and will expire in the second half of March. Afterwards, there will be no more sales until the very end of April. :)
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