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    Skyblock Season 10 Launched!
    Use Command: /skyblock

    The top 10 islands at the end of month 1 will receive ECC 2.0 Spawn Town Raffle tickets!
    Island 1 = 10 Raffle tickets.
    Island 2 = 9 Raffle tickets.
    Island 3 = 8 Raffle tickets.
    Island 4 = 7 Raffle tickets.
    Island 5 = 6 Raffle tickets.
    Islands 6-10 = 5 Raffle tickets.

    These raffles will be awarded by @ClarinetPhoenix and will go directly to the island owner.
    It is up to the island owners how they would like to split the raffles with their members. To split your won raffle tickets, please contact @ClarinetPhoenix after May 31st 11:59pm EST!

    Month 1 will be calculated at May 31st 11:59pm EST.
    Afterwards the SkyBlock season proceeds as normal!

    During this season start we have launched the coupon
    "skyblock55" for 55% off everything throughout our store, including SkyBlock ranks!


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