Sg Kits makes games unfair

Discussion in 'SG, PvP & Clans' started by Dejomony, Jun 3, 2013.

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    Apr 5, 2013
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    I just played a sg game and was winning (i had full iron armour and a iron sword the best you can get) and then a guy (i wont say his/her name) with a stone sword and 2 hits i was dead when i hit then 5 times. It just makes me angry seeing every single sg game i play people with kits coming in a beating up everybody even when you have the best armour etc it does not matter...
    Now many people will say "you need more skill" "you crap at sg"... I am fine with them asking for money but to some extent i am not fine with people getting a huge advantage over players who are not willing to pay / cant pay for a sg kit etc...
    I think some of the sg kits need to be nerfed or have a room where no sg kits are allowed just normal play and a room where sg kit are only allowed something on those lines...