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    We are changing the shops at spawn (/warp blockshop, /warp colorshop, etc) that offer you items in exchange for your ecodollars, to instead use netherstars, in an attempt to give them more value due to recent price drops that we've seen throughout the past few days.


    To increase usage of netherstar value, there needs to be more usage for them, otherwise we will end up with what we had on the old server. A severely inflated star economy.

    Limiting the amount of exp a user can make in a certain period is basically impossible to implement and is an insane project to take on, further more, alt accounts would simply bypass this, etc.

    Another idea is to raise the exp required to purchase a star, but this in turn adds to the already difficult start for new players on ECC. Continuously nerfing farm prices was one of our downsides in the past due to an ever changing economy. We cannot keep making changes that make it difficult for new players in favor of balancing things for veterans.

    The only proper way to tackle this is to find ways for netherstars to be used and spent. Currently we have star tools, and the star casino. That's basically it. With this change netherstars will have yet another use on EcoCityCraft and will be leaving the economy a bit more than they currently are.

    Furthermore, we should see far more usage of player markets / player warps now that our spawn shops no longer accept EcoDollars. (Visit /warp market for our player run shops, or look for users advertising /warp's in the trade chat channel).

    Any suggestions against this change via our suggestions section will be locked and denied for the first 60 days. There is no use speculating, theorizing, etc, when it comes to a system we have not yet tested. Once 2 months of data is available, we will be open to changes/suggestions if needed. For now the conversion is set in stone.
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