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    The EcoCityCraft Wiki Team contributes to, manages and maintains EcoCityCraft's Wiki, as well as helps transfer useful information contributed by other members of the community to the wiki.

    ECC Wiki Standards:

    1. The most important quality of Wiki Team members is involvement. Actively participating in discussions within the team as to how to improve certain articles is as valuable as performing the edits themselves. Wiki Team members will need to, in addition to supplying the best information to the Wiki, assist others in maintaining and updating outdated articles.

    2. In maintaining a good standard for the ECC Wiki, we realize that writing about certain aspects of EcoCityCraft may require more time. Because of this, activity on the Wiki is not evaluated by the frequency of your edits (e.g. the number of edits you make to the Wiki per week). Rather, we will assess your activity on the Wiki based on the quality of the edits you make to its articles.

    3. If members of the Wiki Team are to disagree about how certain information is expressed (e.g. wording, grammar), they are expected to discuss their own suggestions through constructive criticism. As assignments are done through the Wiki's Trello board, if a team member is currently assigned to the page in question, they are expected to make the final call on how to proceed with the writing of their article in a way where the team's overall ideas are expressed. Moreover, as pages near completion, members are encouraged to ask for proofreading to ensure they meet the Wiki's standards.

    4. There are several ongoing projects on the Wiki and new pages that could be created with relevant information, such as tutorials. Members are expected to be active on the forums and find things to work on. There is always room for improvement on our Wiki.

    ECC Wiki Rules:

    1. The Wiki follows all Server Rules, the most important pertaining to use of language. All language should be kept mild and non-offensive. Anything viewed as malicious, inappropriate, trolly or offensive will be removed immediately along with your Wiki Team status permanently, without chance of being reinstated at any point.

    2. If content is taken and added to the Wiki, team members are to credit the original author.

    3. You may edit and update all pages other then the following: Wiki Index, Application Pages, Supporter Pages, Rules, Connections, Commands, Ranks, as well as any other page deemed to be important enough to warrant it being protected. If you see an error on a page you cannot edit, inform your Team Leader immediately to get it fixed up.

    4. There are to be absolutely no editing wars. If team members are caught in an edit war, all members involved will be removed and all changes will be rolled back. In some cases, you may also be banned from EcoCityCraft's services.

    5. Any abuse of your Wiki Team priveleges (e.g. tampering, creating or linking inappropriate content, etc.) will result in immediate, permanent removal from the Wiki Team. All changes are monitored by the Wiki Team and the Wiki Leader. Be open to other team members about edits you perform to the Wiki.

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