[Rentals] Reed Farming 200x200 : $1000

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    As many of you know, the prices of reed went up to $0.15 per as well as all of the massive reedfarms in the past have been currently wiped because we switched to 1.8.

    This is where I come to place - And I know many of you will disagree with the pricing but you'll understand soon after.

    Doing this MYSELF, I've found it takes roughly 10-15 minutes to yield yourself at least $1000+ in profits [on an old reed farm]
    Over the course of an hour [tested by some new customers] - They have made $5000-6000 an hour on my new reedfarm.

    I believe that it's all about technique when it comes to reedfarming as to what would yield you to most profits.

    Farming horizontally - Through the rows actually hinders the amount you can make with just hold down the Left Mouse Button.
    Farming vertically - However .. Breaks the two rows in front of you, whilst hugging the wall allows you to pick up any of the reeds dropped without missing little to none.


    Renting out these reed farms for $1000 PER hour. I may start charging different "hour bundle packs" - etcetera.


    - Do NOT break the bottom reeds [This is so they can REGROW] - If you are found to have broken a bottom reed, either replace it or pay a $200 fine. You may replace them AFTER your hour to maximize time. Consistent offences will result in me removing you and rejecting you from future farming.

    - However you wish to farm, is not my problem. Essentially you can earn $4000+ in profits but if you wish to not utilize the "proper" method of farming to make said profits, that's all up to you.

    - First come first serve. I will not reserve hours and will add users on a "priority-basis."

    - You may feel free to ask about partial hours, although pricing will remain the same. [30 mins = $500, etc etc.]

    - Once your hour is up, you will be removed from the reed farm promptly.


    To "reserve" yourself on a priority scale- Fill out the follow application. If the other user is on first, that user will added first. This is only to solve the issues if more than one user is online who are both interested in reed farming.

    Reed Farming Application:


    Disclaimer: If any unforeseen server issues were to occur during the time of your farming, I am not obliged to reimburse you. I will try to, if I see it to the best of my ability but this is not a guaranteed. I am allowed to decline any user as well as remove you from the region without reason.
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    where is it?
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