PVP Tournament [TBA]

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    NOTICE: There is no set day to the tournament yet!

    Sign up before 7/20/2011

    PVP Tournament

    Hosted By Hess4

    Welcome to the PVP Tournament Sign up page! This tournament has no set date yet, but you have to sign up before 7/20/2011. Any other applications will not be accepted! After all applications are viewed, I will be making a so called PVP Bracket to the player to view. There will be a winner and loser bracket!​

    Entry Fee
    To enter the tournament you have to pay Hess4 100 EcoDollars and fill out a application!​

    Copy and fill this fourm out...

    Ingame name
    Do you agree to all the rules?

    Winners Recive
    1st Place - 500 EcoDollars​
    2nd Place - 250 EcoDollars​
    3rd Place - 100 Eco Dollars​

    1.Do not carry any items! 2. No armor allowed! 3. No weapons Allowed! 4. No Food! 5. No Hiding!​