PLUGINS this time ;)

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Heroofthemall, Aug 31, 2011.

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    Jul 14, 2011
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    I know on my last post about the planes and all, still a great idea and all... Either way I took my free time and looked through some plugins and found some interesting ones which Andy himself might like to gander at :D Here they are! ... 000.17613/
    Simple Apples plugin, It would drop their economy price but we wouldn't have people dieing so much.
    A plugin i saw and said, that could raise some cash... ... 000.11660/
    This plugin would add a new shop, with a cost of course ;) ... ions.2900/
    Simple but useful :D ... 1060.9022/
    Stage performances anyone??? ... 1060.5074/
    Now how COOL would this be eh??? ... 1000.7071/
    We need a scuba helmet :/

    That's all for now :D If I decide to look again I will edit this forum and bump it. So you know ;)
    Enjoy your days mates. I'll be off doing something along the lines of Pwning newbs on BF:BC2...
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    Jun 17, 2011
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    Apple plugin - I personally dont see a point to it; It would make the cost of the items go down signifigantly. If you really need apples, buy them at the store.

    Basic Name Changer - It is inactive to 670-ish. Will never happen unless it is brought back up. Also, we already have a plugin that changes chat names.

    Repair - Does not support economies with register, so to my knowledge would not be compatible with our economy.

    Sign Lift - We've tried this out, and it had bugs. We will not put this back in.

    MP3 Player - Requires a seperate client, will not happen indefinitely.

    Monster Tamer - Utterly pointless, and would cause much lag. Wolves alone lag the server enough.

    Scuba Helmet - This might be possible, but only as a donator feature, but still highly unlikely. Too much of an advantage.