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    Hi everyone Gecko here,
    I got the notification on my forums I would say a good month ago now saying that I have been on this server for five years and honestly I don't know where the time has gone. This community has grown and shrunk a good one hundred times but we are still going strong and that is something to be proud of. As it is the count down to Christmas (Yes, before you ask I am super excited) I thought we would all reflect back on our time on the server whether it be one week or one year or even seven to eight years and share our favourite memory or story's with each other so here goes.
    Before I start can everyone please be kind about everyones story's as these can mean a lot to some people.

    Long term friends: @stigarose & @xboyfernz have been my friends from the very beginning and they are apart of my two main memories.
    (People who have been there from the start thank you for everything)
    My memory of @xboyfernz: He welcomed me to his survival games clan xboy's angels which for some of you new players may not know we had surival games lobbies where you could get loads of kits fight clan against clan and earn loads of money. I spent hours fighting side by side with my friends and splitting the profits and I would say this was by far my favourite thing about ECC back in the day because everybody just chilled out and had a fun time fighting each other.

    My memory of @stigarose: As a new mayor I was very new to everything I had NO idea what I was doing and he helped me from the very start whether that be clearing land of my first ever town Escia or whether it be helping builders and residents settle in their newly bought 10x10 plots which back in the day costed 1k to even own. He has been a long friend who has helped me through setting up and owning a town and has been a dear friend since! :)

    For any of you who didn't know Andrew made a post in the premium forums section discussing his past struggles and how in the present he is appreciating everything and taking life and putting a positive spin on it which I think we could all learn from every now and again so please share your memories and favourite stories of people throughout the years to show your appreciation for all our fellow past and present members!! <3

    -Gecko x
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    Thank you Gecko for those kind words.
    This post has got me to think about my own time on ECC and the friends I've made along the way on this server. I've been a member for 3 years and although it has been a roller-coaster with good times and bad I can honestly say that it was a enjoyable ride thank you.