Overnight Repair Service

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    Porkchopsandwhic Overnight Repair service


    FalkensMaze, lvl 6 warp room, red ring, 1st on the left side facing South

    Services Offered:
    repair/e-repair drop box service

    Repair/e-repair drop box service:
    We offer 1 of 13 locked chest in the Town of FalkensMaze for you to place items to be repaired twice a day. Once in the morning and once at night. This chest will be locked with only me and your having access.

    Payment will be $1500 every Wednesday. We also work on the barter system. Payment due on in the chest on Wednesday before anything else will be repaired.
    N-stars x 5
    Emeralds x 33
    Emerald ore x 17
    Diamonds x 50
    Diamond ore x 17
    Lapis Lazuli x 334
    Lapis Lazuli ore x 50
    Redstone dust x 600
    Redstone ore x 100
    Gold/gold ore x 150
    Iron/iron ore x 188

    What to expect:
    Just drop your tools/armor in your chest before you log for the night. They will be repaired by the next day when you get on to play.

    Who is this service for:
    Someone who has multi tools and armor that he/she will use and save up to get for 1 big e-repair visit.

    When will I repair:
    Once when I get up in the morning and once before I go to bed. Due to real life this will be different times through out the week. I live in Iowa, which is CST/CDT time zone, -6 GMT/ -5GMT , we are on daylight saving time currently.

    What this service is NOT:
    This is not an on demand service. Do not expect me to come to you for a repair or expect me to do a quick repair after you filled the chest. If you need an immediate repair, the trade channel should be used for this.

    How to have the service cancelled on your chest:
    1)Non-payment for 2 weeks will cause you to lose your chest and service cancelled. no refund.
    2)Banned from server for 7 days or more will cause you to lose your chest and service cancelled refund.

    message me @Porkchopsanwhic in the forums or in game if you are interested in this service