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    NKG: No Kit Gang

    What is NKG?
    To put it simply, we are a clan that formed on this day (11/10/2019) as an alternative to the rife kit nature of Survival Games. We have one task and one task only, to not use kits and play vanilla SG (whilst winning of course!)

    We only have one main rule, you do not use kits unless in extreme circumstances (Example: Xboy's Angel's have just taken over SG) or in special events (Like Clan Anniversaries).

    Our expectations
    Your time - It is essential to us that you keep the spirit and body of NKG alive and well. Do not go inactive for several days (unless you have a reason) and do not leave be away from SG for a while. We don't want our team to die out, we want an extensive and long life here on ECC.
    Your Effort - Don't be the type of person in the group to just have gold boots and slap people with apples as everyone else already has full iron. Get your voice heard and get stuck in. Don't be afraid to join in with us, we don't bite! Speaking of voices...
    Your communication - You must be able to speak or join VCs. If you can do neither then we can't accept you, unfortunately. This is the most important thing you must do in order to join us.

    1) If we successfully win a match together, the person who won has to give their other teammates $500 each. If the amount of members of the team on one time exceeds the prize pool, money is given to those who got the most kills. You can keep your kill money.
    2) Respect and kind nature is key to our team, and breaks down a clan if not followed through. Don't be toxic, we're all friends here.
    3) We aren't just an SG team, but a family. If another member is struggling in any other area aside from SG, and you can provide assistance with their problem, please help them with it. It builds up respect for our team and only makes us stronger in combat.
    4) If you are with any other team for any reason, you will be banned from joining our team until further notice. We have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to this rule.

    Rank structure of NKG
    Founding Fathers (Founders)
    - @ToCatchAHansen
    - @JokerBoss99
    - @Oink__
    - Gediminas22

    Elders (Members of the clan who have been in the clan for 3+ months)
    None Yet

    New Members

    None Yet

    Application Process
    For you to join us, you must fill out this application and be accepted by any of the Founding Fathers on this Forum Page.
    Discord Username + Tag:

    SG Statistics:
    Why would you like to join us?:
    Any other information?:

    This section of the page will be for past members and their accomplishments to the clan. Since this clan is brand new, we do not have anyone to put here right now.
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