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    This town/city was created to re-invent the destroyed planet of Daxam while also honoring its culture.
    Daxam is a planet within the DC Universe. It is home to a race called the Daxamites, who are descended from Kryptonian colonists from the planet Krypton. Daxam has historically been full of a xenophobic culture. Ultimately the goal of creating this civilization is to, like I said, re-invent the community as a welcoming and accepting culture. As a representation of Supergirl (skin) I have taken it upon myself to be a force for good, everyone deserves a chance!
    I also love the Arrowverse and want to share that with everyone :)

    ~ Welcome to Daxam ~
    Home of the Daxamites
    Owner: supergayseal (Supergirl)
    Motto: Stronger Together

    PSA: Looking to hire city officials (look for an update with more info)

    City Laws

    1. NO Griefing or Stealing. From town or its members. (Case by case punishment)
    • Grief Fine: $500 ecd
    • Steal Fine: $300 ecd
    • Subject to Eviction
    2. Respect Farms & Public property
    • Please replant what you farm, not doing so is considered grief of town property
    • Do not destroy marketplace shops; do not build outside of your designated area
    3. Respect Build restrictions
    • Do NOT build below plot (we are very high up and for those who can't fly that is a long fall to death)
    • Do NOT build higher than 30 blocks. ( Exception: high rise area of town - further detailed later on)
    • Don't build outside of your plot, including in the air and do not connect plots.
    4. Stay Active
    • Users inactive for 14 days in a row with no warning will be evicted
    • If you do know or at least think you will have trouble getting online contact owner (supergayseal) or any elected town officials any way you can
    5. No eyesores
    • No mean or inappropriate builds
    • Nothing that is considered "ugly" or out of place
    • Given up to a week to fix plot before eviction
    6. Server rules apply (duh)

    7. Have Fun!



    Daxam Suburbs
    • This is the most basic area of town
    • Most builds are accepted and You may build out of almost anything (i.e. any woods, stones, bricks etc)
    • This area consists of its own little farm and a branch of the Daxam Marketplace run by residents
    • Upon entering this neighborhood from the spawn, on your right you will see an administrative building that houses basic rules and is an safe place for all Daxamites
    Elite Suburbs
    • Similar to the Daxam Suburbs, the Elite Suburbs is somewhat self-explanatory
    • The biggest difference is size and quality
    • In this neighborhood, bigger isn't always better but it almost is
    • There aren't many restrictions on material but the elite like their space somewhat modern and high class
    • They do not have their own farm but you will find another branch of the Daxam Marketplace run by the residents settled in this neighborhood
    Central City (Coming Soon)
    • This is the business sector of Daxam
    • Here is where you will find a few homes and apartments
    • Mostly this neighborhood consists of the Main Daxam Marketplace (larger) Run by the City Officials/ Owner
    • You will find many empty store fronts and plots available for rent (business only)
    New Daxam (Coming Soon)
    • Welcome to the high rise and strictly modern neighborhood of Daxam
    • Titled "New Daxam" for its potential to create a new name for Daxamites of old
    • Many tall apartments and businesses here
    • You will find a high rise branch of Daxam Marketplace
    • As well as a Farming skyscraper
    • We DO NOT allow the exterior of buildings to be made out of wood or brick in this neighborhood, must be stone or quartz or other modern looking blocks

    That is all for now!

    This Thread will be updated with Daxam news and updates so keep checking back for progress and info.

    Welcome to Daxam!

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