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    Feb 5, 2014
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    Minecraft Username: matrix_rep

    Reason of Ban: repeatably discussing banned users.

    Rule Violated
    is the server rules broken:
    Clause 4 - Common Sense and Bending the Rules

      • While this is a gaming environment, EcoCityCraft is also a very large community. As such, we expect that all players use their common sense. Be a good sport and a friendly community member.
      • Common sense extends to not bending the rules. Bending the rules constitutes as very severe trolling, and is not tolerated in any form.
      • Encouraging others to break the rules is not using your common sense.
      • Finding ways around the rules is punishable at administration’s discretion, from warnings all the way up to bans. Please seeEcoCityCraft's General Disclaimer for more information.
      • If you feel like a rule has a loophole or a way that it could be used to be trolly, we encourage use of our suggestions forum or contacting the administration directly in order to take a look at the rules that may need to be changed.
    I'm not sure if this is what you guys are looking for but this is the best thing I could find for discussing banned users. I choose this cause of the common sense heading

    Please explain any rules that you allegedly broke:
    I was banned for discussing banned users repeatively. Meanwhile I had only specifically and directly refered to a user once and was kicked for that. The second time i quote I said "how is he banned" . I'm not sure if this counts as discussing banned users and if it is I am sorry.

    Reason you feel you should be unbanned:

    The reason i feel I should be unbanned is because this is the first time i have ever been banned for anything. And I feel everyone deserves a second chance. I am sorry for discussing banned users excessively and repetitively and it won't happen again.

    Thank you and I hope to see you all soon I'm not sure who will be handling this so I wont tag anyone as I don't want to get in trouble for that.
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    Thanks for appealing,

    However, as a resident, you should know better not to discuss banned users, as this is a very touchy subject on our server. You have read our rules when applying for resident and I hope that this is your only ban appeal. These types of actions continued can result in a longer ban.

    I will be issuing a 3 hour temp ban for your actions, and I hope that you take this time to re-read our server rules found here.

    Locked - 3 hour temp ban
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