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Discussion in 'Historically Archived Staff Requests' started by drgreer7, Jun 11, 2013.

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    1. What is your In-Game-Name? drgreer7

    2. What town are the protections in? sphere3

    3. Are you the mayor or co-mayor? co-mayor

    4. What are the co-ordinates of the protection: (DO NOT POST SCREENSHOTS, type them out please)
    X: -8183
    Y: 83
    Z: 554

    X: -8157
    Y: 79
    Z: 644

    5. Whos protections are these? (Use /cinfo to find out): yaralian24

    6. What kind of protections are these? (doors, chests, signs etc.): 1 door, 2 chests (first coordinates), 1 chest, 6 doors (second coordinates)

    7. How many protections are we removing?:3 (first coordinates), 7 (second coordinates)

    8. Is this user banned from the server? If not, have you tried to contact them about removing their things? http://imgur.com/FeTeGeY,58DJy2j

    9. Why do you want it gone/reasons?: I want to sell this plot.
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    The evidence provided is not valid currently. The user is offline for 52 minutes and he did not respond to the pm that you sent, so it doesn't count as refusing. You will need to send them a mail, and include a time stamp in the screenshot, giving him the required time. To get a timestamp the way I recommend is doing:"Type mail, screenshot, send, screenshot, screenshot" and upload the first and third screenshots.
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