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Discussion in 'Historically Archived Staff Requests' started by NicklePickle217, Jun 4, 2013.

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  1. NicklePickle217

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    Hello, elite_assassin24 came into my mansion (Located in the town of America) and locked all of my doors inside and 2 of my chests i had on standby incase they were needed. Anyhow i told my mayor ( Emongolab) and he still was unable to make contact with elite_assassin24 and the locks still remain in place. I wish my house would be fixed and i didnt know where else to go.
    If you could get on this as soon as possible that would be just great. Thanks Again! NicklePickle217
    Here are the coords of all the locks he had placed:
    1) x=9255, y=63, z=2448 (chest one)
    2)x=9255, y=63, z=2445 (chest two)
    3)x=9266, y=63, z=2452 (door one)
    4)x=9255,y=67, z=2452 (door two)
    5)x=9255, y=67, z=2448 (door three)
    6)x=9260, y=67, z=2446 (door four)
    7)x=9254, y=71, z=2452 (door five)
    8)x=9255, y=71, z=2445 (door six)
    9)x=9254, y=75, z=2446 (door seven)
    10)x=9257, y=75, z=2446 (door eight)
    11)x=9259, y=75, z=2450 (door nine)
    12)x=9253, y=75, z=2450 (door ten)
    13)x=9259, y=79, z=2454 (door eleven)
    14)x=9259, y=79, z=2448 (door twelve)
    15)x=9259, y=79, z=2445 (door thirteen)
    16)x=9257, y=83, z=2449 (door fourteen)
    17)x=9257, y=83, z=2451 (door fifteen)
    18)x=9263, 7=83, z=2449 (door sixteen)
    19)x=9263, y=83, z=2451 (door seventeen)
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    As much as I would love to help out you have not followed the correct format to file for an lwc removal, there is a thread at the top of this section that explains that in detail, also to file for an LWC removal the town mayor has to post the application, so you will need to ask your mayor to file it. As these come under the category of troll lock only a GameAdmin+ can remove them. It would also help exceedingly if you provided proof that you and the mayor attempted to contact the user.
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