Lakeside Boat Competition!

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    :idea: Just Wondering if we can have a boat competition in Lakeside

    Everyone who enters could make a boat and we will see who wins?

    The prize could be a $ prize or could be a large amount of sort of valuable materials (redstone for example). There could be a prize for most interesting, the biggest, the most good looking and the most ambitious.
    There could even be different types of boat competitions (like pirate, Navy and other types of weird and wonderful boats.)

    I came up with this idea because I was making a boat myself, it was my first try but I enjoyed making it.
    There could be jobs for some people to do (like collect wood for the competitors) and they could be paid if the boat they are working for wins.

    Just an idea but I hope it becomes somthing. like an annual thing.

    By rand0mf1re