Just wanted to show what I almost made xD

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    Keep in mind this is NOT mine, I just wanted to show something very similar to what I was making, i was actually making mine the same way except different art (8-bit mario) and outside design, and because I DIDN'T actually get mine to work, this obviously won't count for the competition, I just wanted to show what I would have done. I think the only reason I can't get mine to work is because of a recent Minecraft bug that makes the chances of it working low, but this was made before the bug so it worked just fine.


    lol, the Minecraft bug that stoped me is
    "In rare cases, when redstone travels semi-long distances (almost 15 blocks), the current won't go through all the redstone, even with a repeater just before the end of the signal. Whether this is due to redstone errors or inter-block interaction errors, it is unknown."
    lol, my redstone circuit is very long and has a clock...even though it's "rare" my thing is long enough for rare to be way too often...and there was no way I was spending another hour to fix it, it was 4 AM in the morning...............