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    Jdawger’s ECC Goals:

    These are all of Jdawger's goals in which he hopes to complete in his ECC career
    Note: In order to preserve future town names, the town name itself is replaced with {null}

    (Child thread for 2017-2018 build details)

    Cyan Empire
    The Minecraftia branch of the Cyan Empire is dedicated to all of Jdawger's towns from his original project. They feature names of the Seven towns in the country of "Minecraftia" from Jdawger's series "Adventures of J-dawg" that he has been working on since 2013.
    Ironwood is my first town ever created in ECC and will serve as my personal living area as well as a personal centralized area for the Cyan Empire etc. It features many random builds, but those that focus more on the wood and stone brick look.

    • Obtain Land
    • Build Diamond in the Rough
    • Build Ironwood Trader
    • Build Oreo by the Bay
    • Build Ironwood Banner shop
    • Build Hotel
    • Build Archery Grounds
    • Build Pony of the Land
    • Build "The Sparrow"
    • Warp?
    • Town portal
    {null} is going to be a town of skyscrapers and city-like aspects for those people who want a place to live without the hassle of building a home (or just to say that they live here).

    • Obtain Land
    • Flatten Land
    • Build first skyscraper
    • Build second skyscraper
    • Warp
    • Town portal
    Glistengold is going to be a Casino town where those lucky enough may break the bank or lose it all. This will feature quartz-based builds for those who like a "wealthy" look off the coast.
    • Obtain Land
    • Flatten area of Casino
    • Build first floor
    • Second floor
    • Third floor
    • Fourth floor
    • Penthouse floor
    • First floor details
    • Second Floor details
    • Third floor details
    • Fourth floor details
    • Penthouse details
    • Decorate rooms
    • Build casino games
    • Build "The Sparrow" ?
    • Warp
    • Town portal

    Redstone City (or Rstone_city) is a farm town dedicated towards melon farming and casual tree farming. It features spruce-based builds centered around a snowy atmosphere.
    • Obtain Land
    • Level town
    • Place tree markers
    • Build farm huts
    • Place snow
    • Excavate first floor
    • Build melon rows on first floor
    • Excavate second floor
    • Melon second floor
    • Town portal
    {null} is a PvP arena town in the middle of the ocean. The build is going to be a completely 100% built-on-the-spot (meaning no single player map creative world building) of University of Illinois' Memorial Stadium

    • Obtain Land
    • Create 200x200 square island
    • Arena
    • Build "The Sparrow"
    • Warp
    • Town portal
    {null} is going to be a player-oriented shopping town. Here, shopping plots will be sold to players that don't want to buy a server shop (this is essentially EcoMall 2.0 lol)

    • Obtain Land
    • Flatten Land?
    • Build shopping plots
    • Build new banner shop
    • Build "The Sparrow" ?
    • Warp
    • Town portal
    {null} Island is going to be an "abandoned" theme park. Mysteriously, it's main attraction (Attraction's name) is still being maintained despite the park being "shut down" ages ago. It will be up to you (and your team) to solve the mystery of who is still trying to maintain this ride and what his intended plans are.
    • Obtain Land
    • Create "200x200" square island(s)
    • 1st Rollercoaster
    • Town Portal?
    • Warp?
    The Enclaimed Branch is dedicated to the towns that were created by past users and claimed by Jdawger.
    Conquest is a town originally created by @RampageCLA and claimed by Jdawger. This town is still awaiting it's purpose in the empire.
    • Claim the town
    • Find a purpose in the Cyan Empire
    • Build "The Sparrow" ?
    • Warp?
    • Town Portal
    Emerald is a pumpkin farm town created by @JrHockey17 and @Thecreator767 and claimed by Jdawger. This serves as the pumpkin farm of the Empire as well as some mcMMO training.

    • Claim the town
    • Fix the existing crops from past grief
    • Liquidate some glowstone
    • Third Floor
    • Emerald Maze?
    • Warp
    • Town Portal
    Coco was a town originally owned by @y0landi , claimed by Red_Pandaz_13, and sold to Jdawger. Coco serves as one of the richest towns in the empire as it holds many heads of past players and special items of ECC in its Coco Head Museum and Coco Museum of ECC. http://tinyurl.com/CocoMuseum

    • Claim the town
    • Organize the junk
    • Create Sandstone Floating Island
    • Build Sandstone Temple
    • Build The Cube Museum of ECC
    • Find Sponsor for The Cube
    • Create Head Museum Floating Island
    • Build Normal Heads Head Museum
    • Find Sponsor for Head Museum
    • Build Staff Island
    • Find Sponsor for Staff Island
    • Build Hall of the Banned
    • Find Sponsor for Hall of the Banned
    • Create Inverted Floating Island for Hall of the Banned
    • Create Coco Library
    • Find sponsor for Coco Library
    • Build Clan Hall
    • Find Sponsor for Clan Hall
    • Build "The Sparrow"
    • Warp
    • Relocate Warp
    • Relocate Warp again
    • Town Portal
    • Transfer ownership
    What town is next?

    • Find nice town for #4
    • Find a better one?
    • Buy town claim or obtain one from rank
    • Claim town #4
    The Brohoof Branch is dedicated to the old builds on a retired MLP server that Jdawger was a part of. He was on the Legends of Equestria (LoE) build team for that server and made some amazing builds in his year of employment. This will probably feature the most towns and house the only "multiple town" towns of the empire
    Twilight's Castle is a main staple of the series and an amazing collab. build I was a part of. It may or may not feature a "Chaos Maze" inside (Unreleased Halloween Version).
    • Unzip old Schematic
    • Find and unzip another version?
    • Decide if the Discord maze will be a part of the castle or not
    • Obtain Land
    • Landscape
    • Build castle
    • Twilight Pony Statue?
    • Warp
    • Town Portal?
    Project BronyCon was a project that all the builders of the LoE build team did for BronyCon 2014. It featured a HUGE version of the Royal City on the side of a hill, Canterlot.
    • Unzip old Schematic
    • Unzip ACTUAL world that Canterlot was a part of
    • Figure out what to call the town/towns (as Canterlot is already taken :( )
    • Figure out how many 200x200 towns are needed
    • Obtain that many towns
    • Landscaping
    • Build castle
    • Figure out if it is going to be the capitol of the Brohoof Branch
    • Warp
    • Town Portal (if not capitol)
    Fallout: Equestria is an amazing read (even if you do not like MLP) and my favorite book. The LoE build team created a world based off the FoE universe where players could try to survive from radiation and regret.

    • Unzip FoE world
    • Obtain land for FoE Ponyville
    • Obtain land for FoE Appleloosa
    • Obtain land for FoE New Appleloosa
    • Obtain land for FoE Ministry Walk / Canterlot
    • Obtain land for FoE Zebratown
    • Obtain land for FoE Everfree Forest / Red Eye Project 101
    • Obtain land for Foe Single Pegasus Project
    • Obtain land for FoE Tenpony Tower
    • Other FoE areas?

    Other Builds
    This town will be the center of the Cyan Empire. Town portal to most of the empire's towns will be here in addition to some "Friends of the Cyan Empire"

    • Obtain land
    • Landscape
    • Build frames of the towns to house the portals
    • Build Stable-Tec HQ
    • Build two faction headquarters

    Other ECC Goals
    (Lazy. Will make later)
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