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    LWC Protection Removal

    Found an LWC protected chest/door that you need protection removed from? A chest shop left in the way? You may request these removed by following the in-depth instructions and using the format below.


    You must follow all of the following rules to ensure your protections will be removed as requested:

    You need to be a listed owner on the town to file an LWC or Chest Shop Removal Request

    The protection owner must NOT be the current official owner of the town.

    These locks must be in a protected town. Locks in the wild will not be removed.

    These protections must be unobstructed and the owner must be able to access them. This includes having the player on your town's permissions list if you have the chest-access or entry town flag set to deny.

    Protections may only be removed if one of the following are true:
    (If using anything but the first you must provide evidence of this.)
    • The protection owner is offline over 7 days.
    • The protection owner has been given proper notice and request to remove their locks.
    • The protection owner has been banned from the server for Moderate+ grief of your town.
    You may only request 1 player's protections removed per request.

    You may NOT request both LWC Protections and Chest Shops removed in the same request.

    You must provide the information regarding location in the following format (do not include decimals):
    • X Y Z Coordinates - Number and type of protections
    • This means a properly formatted field will look like one of these examples:
    • 80 57 -607 - 5 chests, 2 doors, 1 sign
    • 100 64 -600 - 6 Chest Shops
    • 230 75 577 - 4 doors, 2 obsidian, 7 chests
    You must provide the owner's name. If the lock says "Unknown" please reference the below information for figuring out who the protection belongs to.

    Unknown LWC Removals

    If you have an LWC Removal and the name on the protection is "Unknown", please follow these steps to check if they qualify for an LWC Removal.

    Step One
    Punch the LWC to bring up the message relating to the LWC Removal.
    You should get something like this:

    Step Two
    Take the long line of code after the name Unknown, in this example it would be fd0882b5-b1bd-491d-be86-10f714f7a200

    Step Three
    Log onto a site which deals with UUID's for Minecraft, I use:

    From there, put your long code you previously found from above into the bar.

    Voila, you have your LWC name.

    Step Four
    Check in game the users /seen to see if they qualify for an LWC Removal or if you have to file an eviction notice for them.

    Please make sure you take these steps before filing your LWC as we want to speed up the LWC process, and without the correct information, it will simply be held back or denied if it takes too long.

    Thank you.

    Once you are ready to file your application, fill this form out:
    LWC / Chest Shop Removal Application
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