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    Official ECC Wiki!

    Our ECC Wiki needs articles! Articles from our users, and by our users! If youd like to have an article featured on our ECC Wiki please follow the instructions below regarding submission.

    Examples of what we are looking for:
    • Tutorials regarding server/gameplay
    • Information regarding server/gameplay
    • Help sections regarding server/gameplay
    • Anything that you think our ECC Wiki should have!
    First write your article!
    Here is a great link on doing so:
    http://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?tit ... ction=edit
    Please use this, write the article in there, and once finished this will be your ECC Wiki code. Its a great page to write your article as you can constantly use the "Show preview" button to see how it will look so far :)

    Another great link is right here:
    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Help:Conte ... _Wikipedia
    This is a tutorial on writing basic ECC Wiki pages. To be honest, it is quite simple.

    Once you have written your article and have the format ready for submission follow the below steps:

    Thread title: [ECC Wiki Submission] "The title of your submission"


    1. Describe what your article is about in about one short paragraph.
    2. Post the ECC Wiki page code of your article using [ code ] tags.
    3. Explain where you think it should go on our ECC Wiki page.

    And thats it, once those steps are followed a member of the ECC Wiki team will come around, look over the submission deciding if it should be added or not, and give you credit for it! Remember once you submit a ECC Wiki entry you are giving us full rights to it.
    - our editing team can slightly adjust it if necessary. (Spelling mistakes, ect...)
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