[Ice Bug]

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    Brief Description: This glitch most likely won't have

    any negative effect on the server but, i thought I might as well tell you about this glitch.

    Instructions:1. Have someone who doesn't have the water donation.

    2. Have them jump from a height that they would take damage.
    3. Have them try to place a block of ice so they will land on it.

    How many times did you recreate this bug?: 10/10

    Result:If done correctly you will land on the ice for that split second it's still there.

    You will take fall damage and also be teleported back to the area you jumped from. The ice block will disapear.

    Expected Result: That the ice block will disapear before you hit it and you will take fall damage but will not the teleported back to the area u jumped frpm

    Evidence: I do not have a way to record video.