How to make a link to something in the same post

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    Im wondering how to make a link to something in the same post. So basiclly, to explain, you have a really large post. Your post is divided into sections such as "Ecocitycraft History" and "Ecocitycraft Yutube Channel" and "Ecocitycraft Contests".

    At the top of your thread you have a list of "Links" that when clicked, take you to the corresponding part in that post.

    Ecc History
    Ecc Youtube (<---- Clicking one takes you to the Ecocitycraft Youtube section, a couple lines down, in the SAME post)
    Ecc Contests

    [A couple 25 Lines later]

    *****Ecocitycraft Youtube Channel*****


    Ok. thats my question rephrased so I hope you can understand it now.